wow. Royal Purple really is purple

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Nov 22, 2005
Charlotte, NC
...and all this time i thought it was only because all the good names were already spoken for.

I just put in some RP 5w30, after 3 concurrent ARX cycles. This is my first time trying RP. $41 for 6qt at Pep Boys...never paid that much in my life for oil. that's like 12 complete oil changes at teh wal mart.

one thing car has a 6.5qt capacity and i only bought 6. would it be acceptable practice to put in .5qt of M1 5w30 EP full syn on top of the RP? the M1 is part of my stash....

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Royal Purple 5W30 is available for $4.49 per quart locally. And this is Retail OTC. Not a special deal. Paying more than that, I would find a different oil. I have used RP 15W40 and my daughter uses 5W30, but at $4.49 per qt.

You can top up with Mobil 1.
Wow - where do you find RP at $4.49? Around here, I can only find it at O-Reilly for $6.49, and Napa for $6.99:(. I would definately try it for $4.49.
Let us know how long it stays purple.

--- Bror Jace
RP is NOT the first purple oil. I remember my Dad running this in a 63 Dart....

Notice it's available in the new 5-20 weight? This ad is from 1954!
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