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Yes. The diesel would have more torque, more horsepower, get better average gas mileage, last considerably longer, cheaper to manufacture, and would be cheaper to repair. Except for future plug-in capability for gas-free commuting, I dont see what the hybrid has to offer over a turbodiesel.
Tacoma ,WA
a VW TDI can get 50mpg+ ..insight and Prius territory..after 300,000 miles it will still be going strong...the other 2 ...just how much do you think it will cost to replace the battery pack??? I was told the other day by a friend ..$15,000 ..his uncle is a Honda Mechanic.
I'd take the small diesel. They are making ways for bio diesel and even some "enterprising" folks on here are collectin Used Vegetable Oil and refining it. Personally, I'd like to seem the make a small diesle powerplant that produced DC voltage to drive the main wheels of the car. With battery back up and the ability to charge during long downgrades it would seem to be a great little powerplant.
....or a Hydrogen burning car! Split the water moleculte H20 into 2 Hydrogen and burn them. Some university in the east did this some time back to an International Farmall, because they once sent me the papers on it. Used solar panels on a barn to collect electricity necessary for the conversion to take place.