Would You Guys Add Moly Additives to Synergyn Oil ?

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Aug 4, 2002
Ontario , Canada
While I have heard many good things about Synergyn's oils, I believe they do not contain any moly additives. I am beginning to believe that moly additives are pretty useful within motor oils, thus they may be helpful within the Synergyn oil that I am now using. I just switched to the Synergyn product (5w-30), would any of you guys recommend adding a moly additive such as the Schaeffer's products to this oil ?. Or would this be a waste, possibly interfering with Synergyn's proprietary additive package ?. The car and oil would be used for daily driving and occasional track days through the summer months. Any advice would be helpful. thanks ! [Cheers!]
Personally I would run the Synergyn straight out of the bottle. I think moly in oil is a great part of the formulation, but adding it to a fully formulated oil to me is a no no. I use oil with a moly already in the oil, but I would not buy an aftermarket moly additive to achieve that level if it did not already have it.
I will give you some info and let you decide for yourself. There are only two moly supplements on the market available to the consumer of which I am aware. One is MolySlip and the other is Schaeffer's #132. MolySlip has the suspended moly disulfide in high concentrations and a host of other additives. (I personally would avoid this product because of potential additive clash). Schaeffer's #132 has a low moly DTC concentration, a an additional AW/EP addditive called Antimony DTC, and an excellent wetting agent to carry the moly and antimony to the metal parts. The wetting agent also acts as a detergent and has anticorrosion properties as well. I have used the 132 in mineral oils and two synthetic oils (M1 and Amsoil) with good results, in half the recommended dosage. The VOA and UOA threads have results of oils with the 132 supplement have been posted. Do a search in the Oil Analysis thread only and use the keyword 132 or #132. The 132 does raise the viscosity slightly, depending on dosage.
Originally posted by MolaKule: I have used the 132 in mineral oils and two synthetic oils (M1 and Amsoil) with good results, in half the recommended dosage.
MolaKule has had some excellent results using this additive and I cannot present any argument to refute that. But at the price of the Synergyn, if that oil cannot preform on its own, I would look for another oil that already contains moly. IMO
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