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Jan 7, 2003
Colorado Springs
While topping of the oil yesterday because I had drained some oil last week to start my AutoRX run, I forgot to put the oil filler cap back on for about 75-100 miles. What kind of damage did I do? The car is a Carmy 6 Cyl. I did change the oil and filter to be safe today. I lost the Auto RX, since I had only 200+ miles on it. The good news I was watching the oil daily because of the AutoRX and noticed the cap missing after only one day. Since this was AutoRX's fault, maybe I should get my money back. [Big Grin] [ July 07, 2003, 04:28 PM: Message edited by: joee12 ]
It's possible you ingested some dirt into there, but in that short time it wouldn't have been a catastrophic amount, and since you changed the oil, there should be no long term effects from it. Had you continued to run that oil, you would've probably had more engine wear on that run due to the higher silicon.
Ha, I did that once and the oil splattered all over and actually started a fire. I personally would have replaced the cap and let the RX work rather then do the change.
Your not alone. I forgot the cap when changing my Arco Graphite oil back in the 70s. That graphite oil sprayed all over the engine compartment and windshield. The graphite stained everything including my paint job.
As long as you didn't run out of oil ...other than lubricating everything under the hood ...nothing. My son borrowed my 92 Caravan for a trip to NC. I told him to check the oil ..and sent him with an ample supply to add. When he returned ..everytime I opened hood ...it would start dripping. I kept looking for a leak ..and could find none. Eventually he admitted that he had added a quart and had forgotten to put the cap back on. His friends had noticed the smoking from under the hood when he went in a store. The cap, luckily, was just sitting on top of the intake plenumn. Even with a trip to the car wash ...it took a week to stop dripping. We then had one of those talks about dad having to "discover" these types of things before being told about them.
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