Worth your time to read! 40Wt. and 50Wt. oils

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May 1, 2003
I think the UOA reports that I brought back up from the past showed at least be looked at. I think they go along way to establishing that used correctly slightly heavier oils are not an issue at all! They definately disprove everything that Dr. AEHASS has been saying! They are just various 15W40,10W40 and 20W50 UOA reports in the archive of UOA Forum!
JB, This is the inverse topic of what has been locked before. The other one was lighter oils. I am a 100% proponent of using what the manual calls for. Nothing else. If you can establish a need for a high or lower weight oil, then use it if required. I have NEVER used anything but 30w oils in any gas vehicle except once, and that was for a test. I dissed the test after 200 miles. Now if the writings of AEHaas are so wrong, write your own and post them here. BITOG will be happy to host them. It is easy to criticize someone, but darn hard to produce something better. JB, I like your posts, but you need to lighten up and put your thoughts in writing to enlighten the masses. So, get out your Word document and have at it. [Smile]
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