Worst car (or truck) you ever had

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77 olds omega (same size as a vega) had to start it every morning with starting fluid. of course i was young and not all that good with carbs!
In all seriousness, it was a Civic. 1983 1300FE 5-speed. Underpowered, uncomfortable oil-burner head-gasket-eater [censored]-carb'd little box. Good mileage but it would never, ever start in below zero temps.
I liked the 92 Grand Am I had with the HO Quad 4 and 5 speed. I do admit it was nickel and dimeing me to death by the time it was 10 years old and had 180 K. It was a new platform.
Don't own it, but my mom's 03 Ford Focus is the biggest POS I've ever driven. The car has only 75k miles, but it feels like it has more like 200K because of the HORRIBLE build quality (even the motor/tranny is already having problems).
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A very abused ex-cop car, 97' Crown Vic. I actually liked the way the car drove and looked. It only had 100K miles when I got it, within 1K miles it needed a total front end rebuild, transmission, and motor mounts. When I sold it, it was running a bit warm too.
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1985 Buick Century wagon with the 3.0 V6. Total rubbish. Admittedly, it was very old already.
My dad had one of those. IT was a POS when in heavy traffic and pressing the gas felt like you were choking on the (not) poor engine.
I've never had a really bad car, new or used. With older cars I expect they'll have problems and try to anticipate them. New cars should be solid for at least the first few years. Having said that.... 1994 Dodge Intrepid ES 3.5L, bought new, very nice when new but the car aged quickly, paint chipped easily, windshield cracked easily, interior showed wear, transmission shifted badly even after a couple of fluid flushes. I dumped the car after 2 years and 50,000 miles. 2000 Saab 9-5 SE, turbo V6, fantastic driving car but needed some expensive work (oil cooler seals, SID, etc) that was thankfully covered under warranty. It was a lease and I turned it in after 3 years & 40,000 miles. Part of me wishes I kept it, the other part feels the car would be have quite expensive to maintain. Probably a good thing its gone. 1994 Infiniti Q45, bought used in 2006 with only 37,000 original miles, car showed a lot more wear than its mileage, I knew it would be an expensive car to maintain and it was, fortunately had an awesome specialty shop to fix it but still.... $300 tune ups and $600 injector replacements can wear out ones wallet.
96 ford taurus, the car that took and took. It drove nice and held the road okay... but plastic covered rocker panels disappeared into a pile of rust flakes. Replacing a strut meant buying a new knuckle... as the old one snapped off a bolt in its threads. Radiator leaked and was an all day job b/c of the "bug nosed" look. All within two months! To be fair, a 94 GMC sonoma, 90 geo prism, 87 mazda b2000, and 82 cadillac cimarron all had their demerits with me as well. To be equally fair all made it to geriatric status before I got 'em.
Pontiac 6000 with a 4-Tech engine. What a POS that was... I spend $2000 in repairs over 2 years trying to keep it running. Always left me on the side of the road for something or another and it only had 150K KM on it when I got it... I hated that car and finally sold it because I got tired of the unreliability and the repairs. The engine seized 2 months later and the guy tried to sue me in small claims court.
Friend had a 94 Dodge Intrepid with the 3.3...He bought it brand new and babied it..It was full of electrical gremilns and a/c problems..Then the tranny started acting up..He sold in 05 for 200 bucks and bought a Ford..
My last GM vehicle a 2006 YukonXL Denali...which went to the dealer over 20 times in 40,000 miles. The 2 major problems were never resolved and I just gave up. If GM wants to get me behind the wheel of another car they will have to give me a 50% discount for all my loss.
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