Worlds Best Map!

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Sep 10, 2009
I'm always been into maps and globes, so when I saw the title of the article, I had to check it out: There's a link to the guy's site as well. I'm totally getting one of these! Besides being into maps, I just think it's interesting that a guy pretty much devoted 2 years of his life to making the world's best U.S. map. For some reason, I feel I should support that.... Anyway, I look forward to getting it and hanging it up.
Very interesting, it does remind me of the old pre-GIS maps and I can believe it took him that long to make it. I make some maps for my job and its always a challenge to make something that looks half decent in a reasonable amount of time, so manually adjusting the automatic labeling doesn't happen too much unless it interferes with conveying the information the map is to display. I see he also likes the narrow fonts, I end up using them quite a bit as well, just to stuff in more street names in a font that's tall enough to read. Probably I should order one to put on the wall just to have a good example of excellent cartography!
Not open for further replies.