Work’s Canceled Tonight - 1st Oil Change Time on the 4Runner!


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Jul 8, 2012
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I believe it is you that is just willfully ignorant. That, or you can't comprehend written English. I follow my Toyota owners manual says I should run 0w20. That is what I use. The manual also says that a higher viscosity may be used under certain situations, which I do not meet. I never argued any of that.

What the Toyota manual does NOT say is that running a higher viscosity will protect my engine better over its life cycle than the 0w20 they recommend and have stamped on my oil filler cap.

Other posters said that the higher viscosity would protect my engine better, not Toyota. So I asked for proof from them. Maybe before you post stupid replies, should take them time to read all information so that you don't come across looking like a complete moron.
Actually, I never said anything about your engine.

What I posted was:

“I definitely don’t agree with Toyota’s recommendation of 10K OCIs WITH 0W-20 oil in hotter climates. Especially not whatever bulk 0W-20 the dealership or indy shop uses.

Now, there may be exceptions for colder climates and better 20 grade oils. There are many 20 grade oils that have little to no polymer viscosity modifying additives, so, they should do very well at resisting shear-down and losing viscosity.

I DO plan on 10K OCIs, but with at least a very good 30 grade.

I’ll go 7000 miles on this M1-AP 0W-20, and might even get a UOA.”

Of course Toyota is not going to specifically tell people to use a thicker grade. Their hands are tied by their accountants and their lawyers, because the 0W-20 verbiage in the manual and on your fill cap are 100% CAFE-mandated. That’s proven by the fact that the manual for other countries DO recommend heavier grades for warmer temps.

Do you really think the engineers who designed the engine would recommend a 20 grade oil for a truck that’s designed for hard work?

The engineers at least won the right to include that last sentence, in the manual, stating that a heavier grade may be used if driving at higher speeds and under extreme load conditions.

That sentence was left deliberately ambiguous to allow owners leeway. Which, I’m glad they did.

As I said before, I don’t have a problem with 20 grade under the right conditions, as evidenced by the fact that I’m running it in our new 4Runner right now! Primarily because its a really good 20 grade (M1-AP), and I got it for 2 bucks a quart during the AZ clearance in late 2019.

If I would have had to go out and buy oil for this 4Runner, I definitely wouldn’t have bought a 20 grade.

Do I think 20 grade offers the best protection under all circumstances? No. And I may even change this out for something heavier in late April or May, before it gets hot here.

Now. If we’re going to debate this, I’d ask that we do it in a civil way, avoiding name-calling and pettiness. I’d like this thread not to be locked, because I think we’ve had some good discussion here.
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