Wondering. Cheap Oils in Expensive cars?

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May 7, 2004
Im dying to see a UOA on Supertech Synthetic or some other Cheap synthetics on expensive cars like Corvette, Viper, Porsche. What are the Minimum Requirements for these types of cars? Can you put supertech in a Ferrari etc? No I don't want to hear "WHy put cheap stuff in a expensive car?"

I really want to know the quality and durability of these cheaper oils... Like, I knew a aquintance a couple years ago who put Supertech Synthetic in his Early 90's Viper. I also known some peopel who put Supertech Synthetic in there Bimmers..

Just wondering.
There was a recent UOA of Havoline Dino in a new truck for 12K kinda hard miles, with from what I read, a another 1 or 2 thousand left. If a $1.50 oil can do 13K miles, why spend $5 for 3-4K?
Cheap dino oil will not hurt any engine if the car/truck is driven normaly. But any vehicle that is driven every day like it was stolen, should probably use an oil that can take the abuse.
I don't see what the problem would be with putting Supertech synth into a Porsche, Corvette, Viper, Rolls Royce, Bentley, etc., if it meets the specifications as set forth by the manufacturer.

There is plenty of evidence here that the price of a motor oil is not necessarily indicative of its performance. We should all be greatful that some of the best motor oil money can be buy is within the affordability of basically every motorist, unlike in some places overseas where a gallon of synth of a decent brand will run you $100.
I use 79¢ a quart 10W-30 dino for my $80K Mercedes (95 E320). This oil is within spec of recommended oil and I expect no problems with my car at 3K OCI.

Just because someone is a car guy, and an accomplished DIYer, and has a bit of money, is no reason to waste money on premium products where it's not needed. That's why I like participating in BITOG -- informed decisions.
I have run relatively cheap dino oils for short OCIs in 2 Porsches. All decent oils (Castrol GTX, Pennzoil, Esso XD-3 15w40 HDEO Dino). While maybe this is not exactly Supertech, i think a large part of the point is that most any oil out there today thatmeets current specs is really pretty darned good.

My rationale varied. One of my cars consumed oil so I just ran Dino as it consumed slightly less.

The other one was just during Auto-RX cycles.

My first Porche had been run on Dino it's whole life. I switched to Mobil1 but I am by no means convinced that I had to.

Originally posted by Korean_redneck:
^^ yeah but are they old Porsches? Can you put Cheaper Oils in New Porsches?

Yeah they are all late 1980s Porsche 944s but those engine designs bear a lot more resemblance to modern porsche engines than they do to 911 engines prior to 1984 so it can be misleading depending on what you think "old" means in the Porsche world.

Would many people run a cheapo oil in a new 997 or Boxster S? I doubt it. If you pay that much for a car you probably don't care about an extra $20 for oil. Would Supertech full synth do any harm? If it was an appropriate grade and not extended ridiculously and used with a decent oil filter then I don't see why not.

If it was a Turbo I would want to use full synth or if Dino a short OCI
To an extent, oil is oil. Unless there is a turbo involved, running a basic grade of oil as long as it meets visc and CC needs, is totaly fine within the constraints of service life. I am running a Havoline brew in my 30v V6 Audi, a pretty complicated engine. It seems to start well in cold and runs great. I'll only go 5000-6000 miles though. I've used a cheap 15w-40 in summer and it's pretty much perfect. I'll probally use Delo in my Boxter. Expensive oil in a cheap car, that's another issue.
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