Wondering About Motorcraft Filter Efficiency

Unfortunately there aren't many options for the 2.7 Ecoboost. I bought a few Amsoil EA filters for mine and they appear to be identical to the Royal Purple white synthetic media filter, complete with "made in china" stamped on them. Aside from country of origin they appear the eye to be of the higher quality media, but of course I have no way of verifying any of Amsoil's claims or my impressions of the construction. I don't run them for any longer than I would a MC, and I will be switching to MC filters when these are gone. I got several MCs for free by cashing in Ford Pass points. Strangely, the MCs are less than $10 at the dealership, less than the Napas, etc. to which they are identical, as previously mentioned. I would like Fram to make a filter for the 2.7 in one of their higher-end models. As an aside, the GT-350 motor takes the same filter as the 2.7, except it is constructed with white media, perhaps for higher flow. It looks a lot like the Amsoil and RP. It only comes with the large O-rings, however, so a person would have to re-use the small one, which is probably not a good idea. And they north of $20, so there is that, too.
I had thought that Fram did not make an Ultra for the 2.7l Ford but just came across one...made in China. Anywhere but China!