Wolverine heater e-mail and response

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Feb 12, 2004
Western Washington
I e-mailed Wolverine about their oil pan heaters, and here's the response I got:


Your car will use a #9. The heater will heat oil at approx. 1 degree per minute. It's recommended to leave plugged in all night so as to get the thermal heating of the entire crankcase area (ie. crank rods, main bearings, cam surfaces and lifters). Approx. heating time of 5 - 6 hours - crankcase temp. estimate of 100 degrees. Our heaters are 15 watts per square inch of surface area. Oil damage occurs at 22 watts P.S.I. and 280 degrees. Call me at 800-545-2248 with any questions.

Kevin Frank"

I was quite pleased with the quick response, & especially pleased with the specific info about 1°/hr and the oil damage numbers.

I'm just posting this for reference, and to elicit any thoughts anyone may have on this info. Do these numbers sound reasonable?
It sounds like they've done testing and found out what wattage damages oil, and have designed their heaters to operate below that. I'd still love to hear Terry say more on the subject though.
Some posters advise to use more wattage than what the Wolverine charts say, one poster told me that the Wolverine Tech advised him to use more wattage than on official chart.

Terry advises/warns that stationary heat sources on oil pan may deplete ad packs in oil. Is the Wolverine Pad used in proper chart www.padheaters.com gentle enough not to effect the add pack in oil?

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