wolfs head SAE30 HD Motor Oil

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Nov 26, 2002
Bear, DE
Hi guys! Im very new to the board. But I have a question for anyone willing to take it on. I have a '96 3.8L Camaro w/ about 83k on it. I've had it since about 56k on it. I've been using wolfshead SAE30 Heavy Duty Motor Oil in it ever since. My dad recommended it to me and we've been using it in our cars for a long time. I know chevy recommends 10w30. And I was just thinking about for a while and I was wondering if it's such a good idea to be using this oil? Is there something else thats really better? I'm a rookie when it comes down to oil, i don't know much about it. Ted
Looks like you live in Delaware. I sure would not use it in the winter. especially if you park it outside. I would definitely switch it over to a 10W-30 and use it year around. There are several brands of oil that are very good. From what I've read in this forum Pennzoil is very good. Regards,
Wolf's Head is PZ/QS's bargain brand. The specs on it are worse than Pennzoil (best), SuperTech or Quaker State (roughly tied). I wouldn't recommend 30 weight in any modern engine, but here's a comparison of the four PZ/QS 10W30's. 10W30 SuperTech Pennzoil Quaker St. Wolf's Head Visc. 40c 73.2 67.0 69.1 65.3 Visc 100c 11.0 10.5 10.5 10.5 Visc. Indx 140 160 139 138 Flash-F 410 430 410 430 Pour-F -29 -33 -22 -17 Low Pumping-C -25 -30 -22 -30
<b>zennx:</b> The last thing I would want to do is go against the advise of your Dad, but I have to agree with everyone else on this one. I would not use straight 30W in any modern day engine. I have that same engine in my Pontiac Grand Prix, and GM recommends 10W30 in it. If your doing regular oil changes, the Wolf's Head will work fine for you, but as said above, it is the low end brand of Pennzoil/Quaker State. In my car I am using 10W30 Pennzoil with 5K oil changes.
Thanks for the advice guys, i think in my next oil change im going to go with pennzoil or quakerstate.
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