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Feb 28, 2003
Bradford, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Interesting. Everybody has always associated this lab with Amsoil. I know that Amsoil now uses Oil Analyzers Inc., but if you look, the sites are very similar and if you log into OAI's site, the addess says something about "amsoil.ctclink". If they aren't the same lab, the are related somehow.

I'm glad that this lab is finally associating itself with another manufacturer (other than Amsoil). This way people won't be able to say that they are making Amsoil look good and the the competing oils look bad. I have used this lab due to price (less than $15 plus $1.52 postage for Amsoil preferred customers) and will continue to use it because of the differences between labs.
This is interesting...

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"General Filter Facts - Fluid Analysis System
Wix’s laboratory service provider, CTC Analytical Services, Inc., can analyze fluids of an internal combustion engine, hydraulic system or transmission. Like blood chemistry in the field of medicine, today’s fluid analysis laboratories can expose the full story of engine and system performance, as well as internal component wear, by the scientific analysis of used lubricating oils… the life blood of the systems.

New scientific methods and equipment have been developed which allow earlier detection of potential problems and a more accurate diagnosis of their cause.

CTC utilizes the latest equipment and techniques to assure WIX Filters customers receive the most accurate and helpful fluid analysis available. Click here to learn more about CTC.

An online environment has been created just for you. This online service is easy to use directly from our WIX Connect online customer resource, and will provide you with an Online Sample Report for each unit analysis as well as your whole fleet. You can also download your data in many formats.

Once you have logged on to become a WIXCONNECT member and completed the steps on Getting Started for the Fluid Analysis System just register for access and you’re on your way."
Cleveland Tech Center is not affiliated with Amsoil, other than they do some testing for them. CTC is a very large oil analysis lab that specializes in commercial engine analysis. They handle the oil analysis for a number of major oil companies, including ExxonMobil and some others.

Oil Analyzers Inc, is an R & D lab that is owned by Al Amatuzio, the CEO of Amsoil. They no longer are processing the oil samples, as the # of samples just got too large to handle. You can still call one of the Techs at OAI if you have questions about the CTC analysis results, however.

I hope this clears up the confusion...

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