WIX Filters

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Dec 28, 2004
I was reading on this site and I was a K&N filter user on both my cars. 96 Accord and 01 CRV. Today after reading this site I went down and bought a WIX filter. First they are not cheap. Second they are made really well. And finally, my Accord runs smoother and stronger than with the K&N. I think I might stay with the WIX. They seem to be really good filters. I also might try to oil fitlers after I am out of my batch of OEM filters. Any thoughts from anyone?
I am using Wix air filters after much research on filters for both my accord and miata. They were the closest to the original OEM Japanese filters I could find and have an excellent reputation. I still use Pure ones for oil filters but I think Wix oil filters are one of the best around. They do cost a little more than most others but excellent quality is worth it.
I just installed a Wix air filter in my '03 Accord. It looked well made and fit perfectly. The media was a little 'fuzzier' looking than the original equipment filter. I picked the Wix because of the 'diesel' filter study. It looked like it flowed a little better than some, and certainly filtered better than K&N.
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