WIX are smaller should I use'em

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Apr 11, 2009
New Jersey
Hey Fellas this website scared me to take the Fram out of my Silverado.. I bought some WIX the other day. The WIX is a 1/2" shorter will it make a Difference? My wife's Seqouia I always ran a Toyota filter I bought a WIX for that too and the same thing 1/2" shorter.
It's the amount of the media and the quality of it on the INSIDE that counts. Id take a WIX over Fram any day of the week.

Im sure that the WIX will actually have more media than the larger Fram.
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Wix are quality filters. I have had several runs with them and have not been dissappointed, I will use them again, and plan on making a bulk order from Fleet Filter eventually.

I too would trust them over a Fram.
Fram is nothing to be scared of. There are just better filters out there for the same or nearly the same money. Wix is very good...use with confidence.
Fram air filters are fine.

The fram oil filters I have opened have far less media than a Wix or Purolator even if they are a bit longer.
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