Wix 51042 Perfect 6.5k oci

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May 2, 2005
Just pulled this off the V8. 6.5 k miles and perfect. I like Wix now! This was put on after a Pure 1 filter that only ran 5k and tore a pleat. Nice straight pleats and did its job like a real oil filter should. No more purolators for me. I get these at O'Reillys and use my $5 off coupons so they only cost $2.49. Hello Wix, goodbye purolator.

Just well built.

Good show!
First class, high value filter even without the coupon!!!

Watch for the NAPA sale on the NAPA Gold oil filters.

That's a good time to stock up.
I was pleasantly surprised at the condition. Probably should have left it on another month. I was going to run it 7.5k, but some of these pictures of wavy pleats on other brands made me worry about going too long. I am not worried any more. I think these will work for me.
We can argue about design features or filtration efficiencies all we want, but no question IMO the Wix made filters are the most consistently good "looking" filters posted here that are priced for mere mortals.

Thanks for cutting and posting!
Originally Posted By: SilverC6
First class, high value filter even without the coupon!!!

Watch for the NAPA sale on the NAPA Gold oil filters.

That's a good time to stock up.

Ditto. Check with your local NAPA...ours has an awesome "Filter & Tool Sale" twice a year.
This is great. I installed a Carquest premium last night on the Civic. Expected OCI is in the 7.5k ballpark. Looks like it should be able to handle that many miles no problem!
Wow that does look good. 6500 miles I would have even expected atleast a little waviness as acceptable. I need to start using those.
The only thing that concerns me is the clearance between the the metal end cap and the can. If you look at the dimples they are very small and that is the amount of clearance the oil has to flow around the outside of the filter cartridge. I guess it is enough, but I still want to look into it because the cartridge was a tight fit.
As this application is for a GM product what's interesting is the spacer in the upper right corner of pic #1. The spacer is used to duplicate the spacing that would be needed if Wix's typical thread end bypass was used. But as this GM uses block bypass here, no filter bypass is required. Keeps all the Wix applications similar in sizing among applications. Also likely why the Wix 'made fors' using a combo valve have a similar size and shape to the metal coil spring bypass as opposed to Champ ecores flat combo valve design.

As for spacing between can and element, these filters are designed and engineered so that there is plenty of oil flow. The only other time I've seen a similar mention was on an internet dissection promotion for another brand filter. It was based entirely on observation (not unbiased) with no scientific basis. In other words nothing more than internet fodder. I actually look at the exacting tolerance as a sign of quality construction. So I wouldn't give it a second thought.

Thanks for the pics.
Thanks sayjac, I did some checking and found it was normal and plenty of oil will flow. Part of the reason for the tight fit was I use a hacksaw for opening and there was enough of an edge interfering with removal of the element. I just used another $5 off coupon and got another one for my next change. Bought a Wix filter, 2qts of cheap oil on clearance and some headlight UV sealer. all for $6.25. Good haul from O'reillys and they sent me another $5 off coupon for taking a survey.
I too have found Napa Gold/(Wix) element to can tolerance to be a closer than other filter brands I've used. Can't remember which application but after cutting one open the can bent in a bit from the cut and had to pry the can back at the edges to remove the element. But again, nothing to be concerned about.

I've been getting Napa Golds for awhile at the local Napa semi annual 40% off sale, for 3.60-$3.75. A real value at that price imo.
I'll use Wix over just about anything. I've never had a problem with any of their filters. My 2010 Milan has recommended OCI of 7500 miles. The only other filters I will use is OEM.

Joe D.
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