wish you all coulda been there...

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Jul 4, 2006
San Antonio,Tx
Today here in So. Cntrl Tx. , one of my brothers buddies had a big fish fry. About 30 people there. This guys also a big bird hunter (no he doesnt hunt "big bird") as well as a fisherman. When we got there, there was Ice Cold beer in the frig.,but what i noticed first was the wafting aroma of grilled bacon wrapped Quail breasts stuffed with jalapeno. Some were stuffed with cheese. Also he had grilled bacon wrapped Axis backstrap . Those were some of the best treats ever. Then the ladies inside had some fried jalapenos, along with some doctored up nacho sauce. More beer of course. Then the fish were fried. Three kinds, and plenty of it! There was Catfish, Drum and Redfish, all fresh caught, but previuosly frozen. Well, more beer ,Fresh pinto beans, three bean salad, and even more beer! As if this wasnt enuf, there was chocolate macaroon squares and a couple of other dessert offerings. All this and the weather cooperated by being a lovely -quite cool for this time of year- day. The kids were swimming, the dogs were running round, the cats were out and about. Just about perfect. I wish you all coulda been there. This is my first post, and I originally came on to ask about Pennzoil oil filters, but got interested in this instead. Cheers!
Sounds like good home cookin'! Heck yeah I wish I could have been there. I'll be roasting a salmon on alder tonight. (Maybe only one beer involved). Wife is fixing the first blueberry pie of the season. Plenty to go around. I was getting tired of raspberry pies [Razz]
Yeah, buddy. Ain't no place like Texas. Wife was out to a fish fry today near Decatur, the folks reminded her of her recently departed father and the menu sounded close to what you had. We stopped by a friends farewell party (sorta, they're building down at Rockport) and the full spread of smoked sausage/brisket/chicken with a decent sauce plus the sliced onions, jalapenos, dill pickle slices, potato salad, pinto beans and cole slaw made for a very contented pool party (the adults having icy ones as the kids splashed one and all) with a decent breeze as the sun was going down. Only in July is 97-F in the shade with a 3-mph breeze considered cool. And it was. What part of the state were ya'll in? And, [Welcome!]
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