Wish me luck!

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Jan 6, 2005
North Alabama
I'm leaving this morning for Atlanta, where I am competing in a 24-hour mountain bike race on Saturday. The race course is at the Georgia International Horse Park. It is the same race course that was used for the 1996 Olympics Mountain biking competition. I've already done one 24-hour race on this course. That was last October. The course is brutal. Our team came in 4th out of 15 or so teams last time; I think we are better prepared this time. We actually have a good chance of winning this thing. Wish me & my team good luck, BITOGers! [Smile]
My team won our division! [Smile] We also came in 3rd overall out of 20 teams. We finished with a total of 26 laps in 24 hours. That was the most laps of any team in the race. We were beaten by a 5-person co-ed pro team (1st place) & another 5-man team (2nd place). Those guys were insanely fast & consistent. Well, I am completely spent. I have to go to bed now. [Sleeping]
Originally posted by Eiron: Good luck & have a blast! [Cheers!] What's the predicted temp & humidity for the race? [poof]
The temp's were right at 90°F, with approx 50-60% relative humidity. Part of the race was on granite rock. It was HOTTTTT!
Originally posted by brian fix: ...by the way what brand of bike are you running.BL
I ride an Ellsworth Truth.
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