Winter Tire Size ? for ya

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Sep 18, 2003
I currently have a set of Traction TA, 235-60-16 on my Regal GS. For about 3 months, Dec-Feb, I'm thinking of putting some snow tires on the front for added traction. The TAs do a good job, but I would like a little added traction up front. I can get a set of snow tires at a decent price in the size 225-60-16. The size difference isn't much between a 225 and 235. Thoughts on this?
You will have to go to a taller aspect ratio to keep the overall diameter the same.

215/65/16 and 205/70/16 would be a better size match, but I am not sure about load requirements and adverse handling effects.
I'd go with 215/65R16; a little narrower to cut through the snow and closer to original diameter (0.4% smaller). 225/60R16 is only 1.8% smaller though, so it would work fine and look okay as long as the car doesn't have big wheel-well gaps already.

I recommend putting snow tires on all four wheels though; it will help with braking.
Correct me if I am wrong but your Regal came with P225/60R16 97S. A P215/65R16 is a 96 Load Index, and then add the wider all season tires on the back....I think there is a problem with the whole scenario.
Either put four snow tires or none. Yes two snow tires will help you get moving a bit better but you can with careful driving always get a car moving with ok all-seasons.

Two snow tires will cause a complete imbalance of traction between the front and rear of the car. So in slippery corners, emergency manuveaurs or quick braking your rear end will swing out very easily. I was niave and did this on a front wheel drive and found it to randomly on icy conditions completely swing around.

Many tire shops(especially comptetent ones) will not install just two snows for this reason.
My cousin had snows on the front of her FWD car. It did a quick 180 on a slick road and just about got her into a bad crash...just missed a heavy truck.

Get four snow tires. Get the skinniest OEM size listed for your car.

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