Winter storage question of a different slant

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May 27, 2002
Guelph, Ontario
I know it's definitely a good idea to change the oil before you are about to put away a car for winter storage (3-4 months) because you don't want the acids in the oil damaging the engine.

But, let's just say the oil is 4 months old and has 4000 miles on it, but it still has a strong TBN of 10. Would it still be necessary to change the oil, and if so why?
I wouldn't bother if I were using a high quality oil.

What we need are home test kits that measure TBN.
You and I think alike! I was thinking it would be cool to have a tiny device much like those diabetes devices that measure blood sugar, but these ones measure TBN.

One of the reasons I am asking this question is because a friend of mine has a Camaro SS that he is getting ready to put away for winter, and he's got 3k on his batch of Mobil 1. Under normal circumstances I would say that oil could still go much longer, but common consensus would generally say to put the car away with fresh oil.
I parked my 2002 TA with 2800 miles on the Amsoil 10W-30. It will be sitting from Nov to May.

Some people get too fanatical about oil changes and also winter storage. If it bothers him, tell him to just change the oil once a year but do it just before he parks for the winter.

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