Winter performance of Pennz. HM 10w-30

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
Hi all, After getting a lot of really good, informative advice from all of you, I now have Pennzoil HM 10-30 oil in my T-bird(4.6L sohc)as a solution for the oil consumption which began after switching to syn from dino. Thanks to all who contributed for the advice. Most of said that the Pennz HM 10-30 is a very thick 10-30. Now, I live in Tennessee, and I was wondering if I can keep using the Pennzoil HM 10w-30 in the winter, or ahould I switch to a different weight/oil? Any suggestions?
It probably doesn't get down below 32F too often so you'll be just fine. A lot of owner's manuals say it's safe to run 10w30 at anything above the freezing mark. What does your manual say?
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