Winter mix finished?

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Dec 19, 2003
Chicago IL
Wondering how far north the "pure" ULSD is now being sold.
Sure makes a mileage difference.
Got some D2 in Nashville over a month ago and it was summer blend.
I think it runs from November - April. I can definitely tell when the summer blend is here just from looking at my mpg display.
delivery of summerblend starts begining of MAY for the NORTHEAST . Called our oil supplier for verification . MAY vary by region . :- )
In Canada the cloud point is ajusted every two weeks,starts in Oct increasing until end of feb then decreasing to zero by the end of may.I emailed petro - can and thats what they sent me,but no specifics, ie how and by how much is fuel mileage effected.
I think this Winter blend stuff is all a bunch of [censored]!! Why our Governments give into stuff like this is beyond me.
Lexus I think everyone above is talking about diesel, putting Kerosene in is a great idea to keep it from gelling, just cuts mileage.
Not open for further replies.