Winter is upon us early this year

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Jan 18, 2003
An Alberta Garage
There were parts of northern Alberta that reported snow last night and the forecast is for frost here in Edmonton tonight. Sure glad I got the fleet winterized already. Just have the winter tires to mount but I will wait until October (Canadian Thanksgiving weekend) to do that. The Edmonton Oilers are going to play an outdoor hockey game against the Montreal Canadians here in late November -- "pond hockey" is back in the NHL.
I was debating putting out a post on breaking out the 0W30 because we also had snow on Sat and temps in the low 30s, high 20s. Today, however, it was 83ºF. Our weather is really crazy that way, but when you live at 6000'...
You can say that again! It has already snowed in parts of Colorado! I thought we were supposed to be having global warming. Officially it is still supposed to be summer, and then fall starts in late September. Anymore, we go from summer directly into winter.
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