winter gas

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Now that they've stopped selling winterized/oxygenated fuel in my area, my gas mileage has gone up at least 1.5 mpg. Somethin to consider when your contemplating why your winter gas mileage may suck.
In NJ we get crap gas 365 days per year. And we get crap gas mileage 365 days a year. But hey, it for the children they tell us [Roll Eyes] . After all, burning 30% more fuel is more "green" isn't it [Confused] ? I'm not against a reasonably clean enviroment but nobody has been able to justify the use of burning more gasoline to cut down on overall pollution. To reduce 1 pollutant it seems silly to increase others. Also the oxygenated fuel regulations came about when we had carburated vehicles. Now a days we have sofisticated computer controlled fuel injected fuel systems that compensate to keep clean the cold start/running mode that oxygenated was SUPPOSED to protect us from. Oxygenated fuel, especially ethonal, is nothing but a feel good subsidy for the farmers. I'd sooner eat more corn or sell it overseas than be forced to use it in my gasoline and loose over 31% gas mileage! Whimsey
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