Windows 7 disk image

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Oct 11, 2002
Colorado Springs
Has anyone reinstalled a disk image using the imaging feature in Windows 7? How are the results? Similar to other products like Ghost and True Image? Is your system exactly how it was when you made the image; ie all settings are the same like your desktop wallpapar and all settings in programs like Firefox? Thanks
I have NOT restored from Windows 7 image but I HAVE restored Windows 7 installations with both True Image and Ghost 15 a number of times. All without fail or problems. I heartily recommend Ghost 15 but cannot recommend the newer versions of True Image for various reasons. The images I've made and restored with True Image were done with Acronis True Image Home 11 and were done by booting from the rescue disk. Ghost 15 images from within Windows and while the restore can be started from within Windows it must be completed after booting to the rescue disk. Sorry, this probably isn't very helpful, but it's the best info I've got.
Yea, I've used True Image dozens of times and it works flawlessly. Just want to make sure the imaging feature in Windows 7 is the same!
Haven't used it yet, glad Microsoft finally understands that imaging a disk is a USEFUL tool and not just an attempt at committing software piracy. :-/ For years I've been imaging windows disks by installing the old disk and new blank disk on a Unix machine (usually a Mac) and running dd to transfer the image. Pop the new disk in the Windows machine and it boots as if nothing ever happened. If you have access to a Unix machine, its a pretty bulletproof way to do it (unless you reverse the disk name arguments in dd and copy your blank disk to the old disk... :-p )
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