Window timer not working for one window.

Apr 29, 2017
Orange County CA
I have a 2002 Sienna with 231k on it. Like many cars when you turn off the engine and take the key out of the ignition there is a delay shutting down some of the electrical system that will allow you to adjust any windows you forgot to before turning the car off. Well all of a sudden today that delay for my driver's door window stopped working.

In order to roll that window up or down the engine has to be running or I have to turn the key back to the on position, without starting the engine.

And it's not that any doors are ajar because that automatically shuts off the delay for all the windows, and they are all still work but that one.

Any ideas?
A small issue to be faced with and I know, I know, you want things to work as they should.:unsure:
Could be in the door close sensor that is slightly out of position or the window master switch.
The first thing that come to mind is to do a battery reset. And of course, you'll have to reset all of your radio stations & clock.
Because I've never heard of this issue in particular and I'm not an electrical nor electronics guru, this would be a YouTube video/internet search issue all day long. Someone has to have some info there.
Best of luck.
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My prii have options in the dealer software for things like one-touch up and/or down. Maybe you got a bit flipped in the computer from electrostatic discharge.
Problem solved.

Actually resolved might be a better way to express it rather than solved. I noticed the day that the auto feature of my window switch was also not working. So I fooled around with the switch a bit, basically just kind of jiggling it and applying pressure in different directions, and the auto feature started to work again.
I then turned the engine off and remove the key and found out that the delay feature, as described above, but now also working again.

So I can only conclude that the problem was or is some sort of minor short in that switch. oh well.
You might try spraying some electronic contact cleaner, (not brake cleaner), into the switch as you're "jiggling" it. If the contacts are dirty, this will help clean them out, and provide a better, "repair".