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Dec 20, 2002
The coal hills of eastern PA
I'm looking for the most powerful window fan I can buy for our attic window. Unfortunately I'm limited on the opening of the window: 25" wide and 17-3/4" tall. Right now we have a Holmes fan in there with dual fan blades..the type you can buy at Wal-Mart. The fan direction is reversible with a switch but it just doesn't have enough power to move the amount of air we need to keep it cool up there. Does anyone have any other recommendations?
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If i could offer a word of caution.

Make very sure, if you have any gas burning appliances, that when you run the fan, you dont pull products of combustion down the chimney.

If your just ventilating your attic and have plenty of openings to replace the air being sucked out, Broan makes a nice unit for just that purpose.

you just cut a hole in your roof, wire it up, and if i am not mistaken there is a thermostat option so it is totally automatic

After you install your attic fan turn on the furnace and water heater so the burners fire up, and check to make sure they dont back draft into the house.

To do that just hold your hand near the draft hood, if they are back drafting you will know very quickly.

My advice is for furnaces and water heaters that use a natural draft, not a power or draft inducer motor.
I need to supply more information. I finished our attic so it is now a bedroom for one of our sons. I don't want to install an attic fan on the roof, I just want to see if anyone knows or uses a small, powerful fan, meeting my restrictive dimensions, that will fit right into the window.
You're down to a 12" (or there abouts) prop with those limitations (assuming that you're keep the window opening.

Is this stuck up against a chimney or something? Otherwise, just square off a bigger flange to sit the fan in ..effectively ..a shroud.
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