Will this fit an Accord?

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Jul 11, 2002
Music City, TN
Has anyone actually used the Japanese made Honda oil filter (part #15400-PCX-004) on a 2003 Accord 4 cylinder engine? I know it is wider in diameter than the Filtech filter but was just wondering if the gaskets line up properly and it is just a matter of doing enough body contortions to fit the thing in that tiny space.
According to the WIX site, the gasket & Bypass Pressure are identical. A WIX 51568 has the same diameter can as the 51334, but the gasket THICKNESS is only .148" compared to the "nominal" .233" and the Bypass Pressure is 16 PSI instead of the "nominal" 8-11 PSI. Length is 4.1" however! Equivalent Hastings # is LF386 and Baldwin # is B161.
Bill I appreciate your response but I couldn't tell if you ever answered my question. I can get the Japanese made Honda filters for $5.50 each if I buy 10 and figured that might be as good a way to go as any but I want to make sure they fit my '03 Accord (and my wifes '02 CRV which uses the same size filter) before I buy so many.
You could buy the cheapest "equivalent" filter available and see if it physically screws on. If it does, it'll work. FRAM PH3593A for the size you are talking about. (fits an 84 Civic 1500S HB)
I shoud have said "if it physically screws on AND PROPERLY COMPRESSES THE GASKET. There is an outside chance that the greater diameter of the can might interfere with something on the engine block that prevents it from properly tightening down. BTW, equivalent for the WIX 51568 is a FRAM PH5046, in case you want to try the supersize WIX.
Outlaw - I think I've got the equivalent Purolater on my '03, 4cyl Accord right now. It's wider in diameter than the one that was origonally on the car. It's the size that was speced for the '02 4cyl. So I think that you're OK diameter wise. What I really want to know is can I get the longer version of these filters in there. I have purchased a Napa Gold (Wix) 1344 filter which is the same (larger) diameter as the one I've got on now, but is 4.1" in length. That's the one I really want to use. My next oil change will tell me if it works. I'm 2200 miles into this oil change, so it will probably be another four weeks before I change. If no one beats me to it, I'll post whether or not the longer filter(4.1") fits the 4cyl Accord.
Wheels- According to your post, the filter you have on there now IS the 1344! The 4.1" long filter is the WIX 51568. See my comments above about Bypass Pressure and gasket thickness.
Bill The filter I've got on now is the Purolater equivalent of the Napa (Wix) 1334. Since I put that on I have bought an actual Napa 1334 and a 1344. The 1334 is larger in diameter than the filter that is supposed to be on the car. The 1344 is the same diameter as the 1334, but the 1344 is about an inch longer. I have not seen a 1568 so I don't know how it differs from the 1344. Sounds like they may only differ in gasket thickness and bypass pressure. Anyway, I'm eager to see if the 1344 will fit. [ February 05, 2004, 07:56 PM: Message edited by: wheels ]
Wheels- Sorry, I got the 34 &44 mixed up. Gasket dimensions for the 44 are a bit different though. Mainly the thickness. Bypass presure is 8-11, which is a better match to the stock filter than the 51568. 2.490" OD 2.200" ID 0.148" thick for the 44 2.475" OD 2.173" ID 0.233" thick for the 34 It looks like the 51344 would be a better choice than the 51568 I suggested above. Let us know how it works/fits.
Since nobody seemed to have tried the Honda 15400-PCX-004 filter on an '03 Accord I went to the parts department at my local dealer and compared it to the new thimble sized filter that the Accord has gone with (the dealership was already out of the old 15400-POH-305 sized filters). The gaskets lined up the same and both looked identical on the bottom except for the diameter. I have read that a 3.2" x 3.2" filter will fit so I am going to order 10 of these puppies for $55 from Manchester Honda. Seems like a fair price for the Japanese made filters with 160 sq inches of filter media.
Outlaw, I have both filters (POH-305 and PCX-004) sitting in front of me. The mounting area appears to be very similar, rim placement, gasket shape, etc. The first inner metal rim (from the outside of the can) is shaped slightly different, but the gasket and the second inner rim look the same. One difference is that there are 8 flowholes on the PCX-004 vs. 6 on the POH-305. Weight feels similar. I plan to put the PCX on my 02 Accord V6 engine this summer.
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