Will the real Havoline Synthetic stand up ?

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Dec 12, 2002
At a Caltex service station today, and noticed that they had :
* Havoline "fully synthetic" 5W-40 $49.99 for 5 litres
* Havoline "synthetic" 10W-50 $29.99 for 5 litres
* Havoline "semi synthetic" xW-40, $29.99 again.
I went in to a Caltex Car-Truck Stop in Bowen today to get some Techron. No Techron at all!

They had a limited range of petrol oils mainly new packaged old spec 20w-40 and 20w -50. They had limited supply of diesel oils too including Delo 500

Caltex seems to have "lost the plot" in Australia

Well they had a new Delo product there today "Delo silver" (pretty sure that it was silver). Reading the packaging says that it was delo 500.

But they had 2 bottles of techron, and a half shelf of Wynns additives.

Guess that you could say that they've lost the plot.
I visited the Caltex SStn in Airlie Beach today and they had a very poor supply of oils. Most were all old spec ( SG ) 20w-50 in modern containers and some Delo 500

Most people here are travellers in 4WDs, most haul caravans and there are lots of modern and expensive vehicles around

No Techron and all "supplements" on sale were Wynns

I really cannot understand Caltex as their products are excellent. Perhaps they are concentrating on their deal with "COLES"


Havoline "synthetic" 10W-50 $29.99 for 5 litres

Are you sure?

I have seen this stuff in Caltex stations for a while now:


It is around $AU 48 for 5L. I contacted Aus Caltex and the guy told me it was a GP IV (although he wasn't sure initially so I am going to double-check).

I thought it was good value compared to M1 5-50 or 15-50 which are around $AU 68 for 5L although the Caltex numbers aren't quite as good.

Also see here: http://theoildrop.server101.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=003209#000000

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I'm off from Airlie Beach to Brisbane on friday so I'll check on the highways and around Brisbane to see what is available. I need some Techron anyway

It may be the Caltex is doing here what Castrol has already done - and is now doing in USA!

Today i purchased some Techron 5000 from my local Caltex servo. It says 'made from local and imported product/ingredient'. Dumped the whole bottle into the Outback with some Shell Optimax 98 (my servo selling Evo 98 didn't get a lease renewal and that was the only place here with it). I hope Oz Techron is as good as the real U.S made Techron?
Techron is an amazing product. It takes hours or days to get someone to try the first bottle, then you can't take it away from them. So eventually it snowballs into an inventory "oportunity".
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