Will Rotella T Synthetic 5w-40 kill my CAT?

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Oct 18, 2003
..not the kind that purrs. [Wink] I was wondering whether the HDEO's (specifically Rotella T Syn) elevated phosphorus level will affect my catalytic converter. It will be in a VW VR6 engine which the manual specifies API SJ or CG-4. By the way, what is the phosphorus level (ppm) for the Rotella T Synthetic 5w-40 anyways?
The answer is: Perhaps. The deeper answer is "Why do you care"? There are types of phos which will have no effect on cat life. Still, the API has set limits in PPM which do not take that into consideration. Let's assume that the best oils in terms of wear protection, OCI, etc. do contain phos that may cause the cat to "only" last 100k miles? Which is cheaper - a new engine or a new cat?
Originally posted by Road Rage: The deeper answer is "Why do you care"? [/QB]
Ohh, I don't know. Why did I sign up for this forum? Why do we have a forum specifically devoted to engine oil? Why do OEM catalytic converters cost $1600? Just wondering like most questions in here. [Razz]
I have a Pathfinder 97, with 135,000 and no CAT trouble. And if there was. You would never see me putting a CAT back on that truck. Streight pipe all the way. Aready got rid of the resinator during the last exhaust pipe repairs. That Cat don't do **** but help those at the EPA and lose gas milage.
My '04 Toyota owners manual says a quart oil per 1000 miles is acceptable consumption. It uses less than a quart per 10,000 miles. I'm not concerned about the Rotella syn. additive package as the consumption so low. [ March 11, 2004, 10:14 PM: Message edited by: tpi ]
<b>Bobert:</b> The answer to you question is NO, it will not hurt you cat. If your VW recommends an SJ/CG4 oil then the Rotella T 5W40 will not hurt. The Rotella T 5W40 is an SL/CI4 rated oil and it has less phos that the old SJ/CG oils did. Hope this helps.
I believe this urban legend was started by the API, SAE, and EPA crowd to make sure we don't use a better oil for our car. At the same time, they state 1 qt every 1,000 miles is "normal." Wonder how long a cat will last with THAT much oil vapor passing through it? Since products like Shell Rotella T 5W-40 and Mobil Delvac 1 5W-40 both carry dual SL/CI-4 approvals, that means they are compatible with both HD diesel and gasoline motors. There is an interesting link for this "problem" at Machinery Lubrication: http://www.machinerylubrication.com/article_detail.asp?articleid=518&relatedbookgroup=Maintenance Jerry
Originally posted by oilrecovery2003: That Cat don't do **** but help those at the EPA and lose gas milage.
Yeah, those of us with lungs don't get any benefit whatsoever...
Hi, these oils will carry a C?/S? not a S?/C? rating. There are enough myths out there already Sorry to be pedantic !! As long as the oil is dual rated it will not damage the petrol engine as long as the "S" rating is suited to the engine Well thats my experience in using HDEO's in a variety of engines for over 40 years But I could still be wrong! [Cheers!] Hi Jerry - warmer yet? Its 34C with 96% humidity here at present Regards
Hi Doug: Ha ha, very funny. It dipped to -25 C last night, though it did warm up to a balmy -5 C. The low is only supposed to drop to -15 C tonight, but snow is forecast. I've always had great results running HDEO's in my personal cars and trucks, provided you match the viscosity to the season. You can't run a 15W-40 at -40, or anywhere close to that temp. Jerry
Originally posted by SkortchGT: I don't think Rotella T Synthetic 5w-40 carries a CI-4 rating. It has a rating of SL/CH-4 though.
Funny isn't it. The datasheet has said it was CI-4 for a long time, but the gallon I bought a month ago is marked CH-4...
I have an empty bottle of Rotella T 0W40 here in and it syas CH-4/SL as well, It is the Canadian formula I picked up 2 weeks ago from the CTC store.
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