Will parking a vehicle ramps trap oil up top that would otherwise drain to the pan?

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Jan 1, 2003
Next oil change, I want to run the vehicle up on 6" ramps, front and rear tire, to put it on an angle to get a good drain out. Oil plug is on the side of the pan. Will doing this hinder the drain down of the oil to pan? I wouldn't do it if I thought that it would trap up top as much or more oil that I hope to get to drain by putting it on a slope in the first place. What do you think? Ford 4.2 V6.
Not sure about your Ford there... I drive my Audi A4 up on ramps, because otherwise I can't get under the car. I also have to remove the belly pan. I'm doing this on a slightly tilted floor, so that the car is leaning slightly towards the drain plug (driver's side). The car is higher off the ground in the front, because of the ramps, but the floor is on a downward incline. I like to think I'm draining all oil out of the pan. [ July 18, 2003, 11:30 PM: Message edited by: moribundman ]
I've always been afraid to ask this question because I thought it would make me look like a doofus [Smile] Your post brought me out of the closet. I don't have the answer....but I'll be watching this thread for opinions. When I put my '99 Suburban up on ramps and look at the visual, I get the feeling I'm not getting all the oil out. In fact, I haven't bought the Fumoto valve for this same reason ...perhaps this is a wrong assumption and someone could clear it up for me, because I'd love to buy a couple of them.
The answer is 7....I mean, I mean...it depends. Some engines will actually drain better, some may trap oil, but not much unless the slope is severe. I do it on my cars (ramps on front wheels). I doubt much will be trapped on top.
Both my toyotas drain more oil out if the front end is lifted up. It's simply bcos the drain plugs are angled 45deg on the back edge of the pan.
Hmm... you could try using a jack; put the jack at a place and height where it will mimic the effect of ramps (make sure this is a place where the frame will hold up), then pull the drain plug. Drain the oil, then crank down the jack and see if more comes out.
Most heads have drainage from the front, middle and rear of the head. I doupt you would see any additional oil being traped. The possable exception would be in an engine with sludged up oil return system. My experinces are inline with Ken4's. I tend to get more oil out with the front jacked up on all my cars and trucks AMerican and import. You never get all the old oil even with a dry crank so I would not worry to much.
Originally posted by moribundman: I wouldn't stick my head under a car that's held up by nothing but a jack. [Wink] [crushedcar]
Amen to that! I'm all for draining as much oil as possible, but it's not worth taking a risk to do so. I personally just drive mine as far off the end of my mum's carport as I can get it. By doing that the front end hangs over enough I can sit under it and reach the drain plug / oil filter with little effort. It's perfectly level, but to me it's sufficient because it's easy and safe. [Big Grin]
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