Wife's Murano - Should I Get Involved?

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Jun 24, 2003
Palatine, IL
I have always kept on her about getting her oil changed on time, either dealer or Jiffy Lube, but I have never gotten into the OCI or the oil selection. She got a new Nissan Murano this year, and I have a case of Amsoil S2K 0W30 sitting in the garage. Should I bother to have the dealer put in this oil, or will that just complicate things for no real benefit? She take decent care of her vehicles (keeps them clean, and is willing to have all of the necessary maintenance done), but she really could care less about the specifics.

Have you had to face the same issue? Seems like I have nothing to gain here, but if ever there was a problem, I could get blamed. Seems like risk with no reward. Any advice?

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MY wife says...

"Just do what the owners manual says; they built the car, so STOP!!! screwing around with it!!"

But what fun is that ... !
Just use your good oil and their change interval to maintain warranty. Amsoil is overkill for short intervals, Mobil 1 would be fine for it if not driven hard.
How long do you plan on staying with the woman?

Use the Amsoil since you have it, but just have her go the longest interval in the manual for normal service (7500 miles?)

Problem? Blamed for what? I don't understand.
Pablo - I guess my fear of problems comes from helping others with computers. I learned a long time ago that helping a friend with a computer was a "no no" because as soon as they had a problem down the road with something they would say, "this never happened before you worked on my computer".

Anyway, the wife has her oil changed on the high side of what the manaul calls for, typically 5K-7K, so there probably is merit to putting a synthetic in there. Also, her oil does not get checked very often, so that is another reason for syntheric (I have always experienced less consumption with synthetics).

I just checked her oil, it is full, on the dark side of golden brown, the computer indicates 3,000 miles on the oil, and the manual recommends "mineral based oils" changed at 3,750 miles.

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"mineral based oils" changed at 3,750 miles.

Interesting, do they really expect customers change every 3750 miles? Maybe they are looking for an easy way out of warranty claims..."Your reciept, sir, says 3800 miles, warranty denied!" Is synthetic oil popular in Japan? Do those guys change every 3000 miles? This is astonishing to me as my 2002 Audi asks only for 10,000 mile oil changes. You have no choice except to do the change and keep good records. Use a good dino oil or blend every...ahem...3750 miles. Myself, I'd use Mobil 1 5w-30 every 7500 miles.
3750 miles is about 6000 km, i guess that is an easy number for japan to remember

My 95 civic says 3750 miles severe, 7500 miles normal service for oil. The newer civics state 5000 miles severe, 10000 miles normal service. So they haven't really jumped on the extended oil change intervals like the german car makers. But then a lot of people that don't fit the normal service guidelines, (short trips, harsh temperatures or dirty areas) will still probably follow the normal guidelines with DINO oil!

I don't blame them, however, because Mercedes Benz screwed up with not specifying synthetic oil for extended intervals, which sludged up quite a few engines (like my last landlord had)!
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