Wife Statements That Get Instant Response..


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Jun 2, 2014
" There is no water pressure"

There are only a few times when I second guess my incredibly smart, talented, and practical wife.

This claim gets an instantaneously stop to whatever I am doing and Im forced to carry out out a series of troubleshooting checks as fast as my body can get to them.

Living in the country on a well means this problem is 100% yours to manage and any fallout is all on you.

" No water pressure" most often means low water pressure, as multiple taps are calling for water, including the ones you forget about like irrigation timers, dishwashers, washers, showers, toilets, sinks.

Sometimes it means burst/leaking pipes and water shooting everywhere, or a dead pump, or a clogged filter (s), or bad pressure tank, the list of mechanicals is long and expensive as well as frought with delivery delays.

In the last instance it meant there was an unseen kink buried in a hose reel.

" I dont understand why you are so flustered"..
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I was out of town she sends me these pictures and calls me, "I think there's a snake in the laundry room peeking out behind the wall next to the shelf and he's watching me. I call my intrepid son and he dashes over ready to slay the serpent. Turns out is was a painted oyster shell that had fallen off the upper shelf and got lodged there.


One other time she calls me to say, "Honey I shrunk the kids." I said "good then they won't eat so much"
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Are you even listening to me? That will usually bring me out of my zoned out state so I can say, yes I am honey. We both know it is BS, but after 50 years of marriage I zone back out and she continues with her story.