Wife returned $500 to the bank today

A company that we buy product from forgot to withdraw about $400.00 from our account. When I alerted them to this fact, they withdrew the funds but never even acknowledged my honesty with even a simple "thank you". I know I did the right thing and I would do it again but I was still aggravated at the lack of common courtesy.
Amazon shipped me a box of things. $100+ of stuff. Told them it must be someone else's stuff since I didn't order any of it. I printed out the return label they sent, packed everything back up for the pickup better than it had arrived, never got a thank you. You're welcome, Bezos!
My bank's ATM once spat out a $50 bill in a group of $20's during a withdrawal. It was at night, so I couldn't go in, but the next day we went and exchanged it for the $20 it should've given. They were appreciative.
I returned a chair that was part of a patio furniture set to Sears the day after we purchased the set. The chair made the deck too crowded, so back it went. The cashier, who couldn’t have been more than 18, refunded the entire purchase. I didn’t notice and handed my wife the receipt when I got back in the truck. She noticed it so I immediately went back inside. They couldn’t undo it for some reason. I had accidentally left my wallet at home so I had to drive home, get my credit card, drive back, and repurchase the patio set. It was a total PITA but the right thing to do.
Many years ago, I had a savings account and a book with that account. I put in a small amount I can't actually remember the exact amount. When I got the book back from the teller she had added many extra zeros and the amount that she credited my account for was 1 million and something in change I don't remember the actual numbers but I remember the 1 million part of it. LOL. I took a look at it and I handed her the book back.
Not a bank - but a while back I paid for lunch with a $50 - they were short handed and she was runnng hard.
… started to put the change in my wallet and realized she got $100 in her head - returned the 💵
I had the opposite happen I paid with a 100$ at steak on a stone (a semi-fancy restaurant)
Not trying to be more than descriptive but my server looked straight out of the uh.. trailer park and 8+ months pregnant.
service was slow to non-existant.., but I felt bad she had to be working while that pregnant.
After 15min she came back and gave me change like I paid with a 50$
I said It was a $100 bill she denied it and after a short wait the manager called me a Lier.

It takes alot to really make me blow up in public I tend to just write it off as a bad experience and move on ,but
I had no 50's in my wallet.. I KNEW it was a $100 bill 100% sure.
so I let him have it in front of about 40 other patrons.
He counted the drawer and found I was right and apologized.. sorta.

They went under a month later.(unrelated probably :LOL:)
i like being honest. About 15 years ago there was $100,000.00 extra in my bank statement. woo hoo ,,, I spent about 2 hours going over and over my accounts and statements. I went to the bank manager and said there was a mistake in my account , she got the oh no a stupid customer here look . I showed her the statement and explained the extra $100,000.00 and she thanked me and explained she was going to have to hire a company to do an audit! She gave me a coffee cup with the banks logo on it for saving her the cost of an audit.
My wife went to the bank that she usually goes to. Yes, my wife is one of the few that visits a bank on a regular basis. She wanted to break seven $100 bills for $20 dollar bills. She got her $20 bills and left. A short while later back at work she counted the money and realized that the teller gave her $1200 in twenties. Back to the bank she went where they were waiting for her. The teller must have realized her mistake and alerted other staff. Anyone else return an overpayment to the bank?
your wife saved her job.
Amazon shipped me a book I didn't order . Wife contacted them and they said keep it . Nothing I was interested in but she gave it to one of her co workers .