Wife returned $500 to the bank today

Mar 30, 2014
My wife went to the bank that she usually goes to. Yes, my wife is one of the few that visits a bank on a regular basis. She wanted to break seven $100 bills for $20 dollar bills. She got her $20 bills and left. A short while later back at work she counted the money and realized that the teller gave her $1200 in twenties. Back to the bank she went where they were waiting for her. The teller must have realized her mistake and alerted other staff. Anyone else return an overpayment to the bank?
Went to a drive -thru, put my check in the pnu tube and waited and waited. Seems they sent my money to someone else! I did get my money ,don't know how things turned out otherwise. That was the end of my drive-thru banking.
My wife went to the bank that she usually goes to. Yes, my wife is one of the few that visits a bank on a regular basis. She wanted to break seven $100 bills for $20 dollar bills. She got her $20 bills and left.
Does not compute. I never leave the bank before counting the money, not even the counter so if it's wrong in their favor, they witness my counting.
I returned an extra $2000+ heat pump to home depot.

Backstory, I ordered one online and it arrived at the store for me to pick up a week later. They had two pallets full of boxes wrapped in that saran wrap stuff, with two Estes freight shipping documents. They had my name but the HD store's address on them. Clerk insisted I take both, because "there are inside and outside pieces." Forklift dumped them in my truck bed and I drove off into the night.

I get home, cut the saran wrap off, unload now-manageable pieces into my garage. Sure looks like I have two of everything, maybe even three.

So I hold onto everything in case it comes up during the installation. Do the installation, get it running following directions, yadda yadda.

The leftover pieces appear to be a two-room setup with one outside condenser. Oddly, the part number is not carried by Home Depot! Special order? You got me.

I sat on the stuff for another week, it was like three weeks by this point. I was wondering if they'd notice somewhere down the chain and telephone me. Never happened. So I called HD online customer service. They have no idea what to do but say bring it to the store.

So I pile it all back in my truck and bring it to the manager's attention. "oh, yeah, someone else ordered one but we couldn't find it. Thank you." Without any receipt or paperwork, the store was now plus-one unit.
If I withdraw any amount, they count it in front of me and ask me if I agree. If the amount is > $200, they count it with the counting machine first, then count it in front of me. No errors so far.
They used the machine but had it set incorrectly. That seems to be the root cause of the mistake.
Anyone else return an overpayment to the bank?

Yes, several years ago. I found a deposit of $600 on my monthly checking statement that I did not make. It was done at a teller, I could tell that, and I hadn't been in the bank in a while. I went to the bank and asked them to pull up the microfiche that had that transaction. The deposit slip was not pre-printed but was one that was filled out at the counter. It had my account number written in but someone else's name. The other person's account differed from mine in one digit.

The odd thing was that I was a few months behind in balancing my checking account. The deposit by this time was 3 months old. Three months and they didn't notice that $600 was missing?
I always see them counting money multiple times.

since the tellers were waiting, they realized their mistake and would have withdrawn the disbursed amount from your account. The optic of honesty is a good one, but they would get theirs back regardless of if she returned it…
Back in university I had a summer teller job in a crown corporation company. My job was to collect bill payment from customers.
Since most were elderly and not comfortable with using a computer to pay bills at that time, they preferred to be in person to make payment (similar to a bank).
I was an arts major, so I wasn't good with counting cash and giving change (despite the computer indicating how much to give).
In the cash office we also had a "kitty" that we put all the extra change we accumulated over the day...just so we'd balance. If we were short, we'd take from it as well.

When i started my work term, the kitty had about 4 dollars in random change.
By the time my summer term ended, it magically grew to nearly $30-$40.
Like I said, I was terrible with counting....funny how I'm now in charge of folks' payroll.
A coworker routinely cashed his paycheck at the nearby branch of the company's bank.
The setting was so stable and friendly, I had no doubt when he said he routinely pocketed his cash without recounting it.
Once,the phone rang and the bank asked him to return to the bank $80 excess they gave him and to return it.
He was mortified.
Just like in retail, the Tellers are responsible for having a balanced cash drawer.

Offenses are not taken lightly.