Why the Syntec spec differences???

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May 28, 2002
Aside from the 0-30 post below...

Why is there different specs for the other Syntec grades?? Those of you with a faxed copy of Castrol N.A.'s specs dated 6/02 will know what I mean...compared to the specs listed on this website:


Is this one "the Canadian specs"?? Or is it simply older?? Which one is correct? Why would there be a difference between the 2 countries?

When I grab a bottle of 5-50 off the shelf up here in Toronto, the UPC number matches this second PDS? So which PDS is the one for the oil I have in my hand?
Duhhh..good call..didn't think to look...but, why would the UPC code stay the same. I thought the SL would be a different product...with a different product number.
I think UPC codes are just related to the pricing on the scanner. So since the prices remained the same, the UPC stays the same. Or at least that's my WAG of the day.
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