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Jan 12, 2003
I was just thinking about this...
Why should I pay more for The Castrol GTX I use, if SuperTech is half the Price? And you guys said Pretty Much any oil can go 3k no problem. You also said, I shouldnt use my GTX with my M1 Filter for more than 4k. So... If I use SuperTech, and a M1 Filter, and just change it 1k earlier (a.k.a. 3k oil changes), It saves me over 5 bucks per change.
Am I missing Something?
If you want the budget oil change, replace the Mobil 1 filter with the SuperTech filter. Then you will save another $7 or so. If you are going to change it more frequently, and you don't mind then I see no problem with this.
Do you guys think that the 20 micron Filtering of a SuperTech would be ok to use, If I did 3k oil Changes? It is True, it would save me about 13 dollars an Oil Change.
I have no problem with the SuperTech. I have used it with good results in several cars. Instead of the Supertech oil I would go with the Castrol, or Chevron Supreme or IsoSyn. I think better oil is more important than better filtering. Now if the SuperTech Filter would be say a 30 micron filter, that might present a different story.
The Supertech is not a bad oil at all, under normal operating conditions and 3k changes the difference between the ST and Castrol/Pennzoil is probably minimal. My brother is buying the 1gal 10W30 SL for $4.17 plus a Supertech filter for $1.97 and is pretty happy with it. His Toyota takes only 3qts of oil so his oil change costs him a whopping $4.47+tax!
Ok, I think I have my mind pretty much Set. But lets here what you guys think.
What do you think would best. (Keep in Mind, Im going to use 3k Oil Changes, and am tring to work on a Budget.)

1. SuperTech Oil with Mobil 1 Filter.

2. Castrol GTX with SuperTech Filter

3. SuperTech Oil With SuperTech Filter
Since budget is an issue for you, I vote for 3, then 2 and 1 in that order. You can find Castrol GTX on sale once in awhile and make the difference in price less significant in which case 2 is a better option.
I am using GTX with Nissan filter in my own car but for argument's sake, could you tell me why all of you prefer Castrol? I looked up the oil analyses reports and didn't see a significant difference between the two oils, yet GTX is twice as expensive ($1.66 vs $0.84). Please convince me why I shouldn't spare my cash next time.
I'll demur on this straw poll, but I do have a question. I've traveled extensively throughout the southwest and the midwest from Signal Hill to the Lone Star state to the Sooner state to the Show Me state. Saw a lot of oil derricks, pumping fields, refineries, and tank farms. No where did I ever see any of the above with a sign that said, "SuperTech" or "Wal*Mart". So, my question for all you mavens of lubricating knowledge - who the heck refines "SuperTech" oil?

-Ray Haeffele
I believe That SuperTech, Someone correct me if Im wrong, is Refined by Quaker State.

It bothers me that Im going to be using a filter that has half the Filtering capability of a Mobil1. But, I do like the fact that its 7 bucks less, so that should cancel out my problem
then go with the bosch premium filter if you worried about filteration. Its in between the supertech and mobil 1 and costs 5.49 at autozone!!!!
SuperTech is presently refined by a Shell/PZ/QS blending plant that's due to be closed. Probably look a lot more like Shell when that happens. I'd rank SuperTech second in that oil family-- not as good as Pennzoil but equal to Quaker State and better than Wolf's Head and (probably) Shell. I do think ST is the equal of Castrol.
I don't think I've ever purchased Castrol GTX for more than 99 cents/qt. It seems to be on sale quite often...at least every time I need more.
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