Why not top-off with generic SA or SF Accel Brand to avoid "additive-clash"?

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Nov 3, 2002
Will the base oils clash? Just wondering as I have been known to top-off with (ghasp) ~other~ than the exact fill-up oil. I am attempting to top with original fill-up oil up to the 1/2 quart I usually have leftover and then add whatever for the last two months of a six-month oci. Would adding Accel SA be the best way to keep pure GC goodness flowing or will the basestocks clash making the GC loose it's cold-cranking or something worse? Maybe I answered my own question.
I don't see how putting the crumiest oil in you can find would ever be a good thing. SL requirements specify that all SL rated oils must be compatible with one another.

Junkie, I wouldn't go out of my way to avoid any possible "additive clash."

I merely warn people that additive clash may offset any advantages you think you're getting from backyard blending, that's all.

I wouldn't add a really cheap oil to my sump as a way to avoid clash ... because you might not be. It might also influence any UOA you have planned.

--- Bror Jace

buy some more GC

Yeah, and call my divorce lawyer too, I already have 7 cases stored.
It comes out to 6 changes with an extra 1 or maybe just 1/2 quart left after change. I can and will top with this, but I want the best option when I am a month or two from a change and need a final top-off of a half-quart. It sucks to pour GC "down the drain", I guess I'll have to.
My recommendation is to keep some perspective here. You invested in good oil in the first place, and assigned it the mission of protecting an engine that would cost many thousands of dollars to repair or replace if something went horribly wrong. Unless you've already got a problem, your top-off oil, even using the same expensive stuff you put in in the first place, should cost less than a six-pack of good German beer. Stick with your known, good product, German Castrol!

Originally posted by Audi Junkie:
I can and will top with this, but I want the best option when I am a month or two from a change and need a final top-off of a half-quart. It sucks to pour GC "down the drain", I guess I'll have to.

How is it that you'd be pouring it down the drain? It would be going into your engine and then going another month or two. It's not like you're doing a flush cycle and running it for two minutes and wasting it like I've done.

If my engine is low on oil, even if I'm a week away from changing it, I'll still top it off with another 1/4 qt of GC if the engine needs it. I would never think of mixing in a different oil with it, then it would skew the results and dilute the "green goodness".
Funny story is that while getting my Spring change, I was BSing with the Audi Dealer tech, he forgot to use the GC. When I returned and saw it still sitting on my seat, he hurriedly drained the bulk oil and filled with the GC. I did not have the heart to ask him to remove the filter and drain it out of the last 1/2q. I am sure he assumes I was pleased with my free flush anyway! Car took a whole quart less than usual.
I don't have a bad Obsessive Compulsive Disorder like some guys, I let it go... THIS TIME!!!
Additive clash is a over-rated. Even within a given brand you will find diferences in formulations as changes get ready for new API ratings, and nothing is said to the consumer. Many of the non-licensed brands - the "meet or exceed" ones often vary the formulation with the spot market for additives. Never a word to the consumer. Just add a good oil, and depending on how much you add, you extend the time between changes since you re-build your additive level.
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