Why Not Tell Us?

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Sep 23, 2005
Parker, CO
Like most of you I have bought many cars in my life. Guess we just love the things. However, I have yet to be instructed by the salesman on service intervals when going thru the delivery process.

So, if maintenance is so important why is this not part of the new car delivery process?

I think the closest thing to this was the Scion tC I bought on 12/31/05. It looks like they normally go through that stuff, but the sales guy saw that I was 40 and brought in a well maintained 11 year old car, so he figured (correctly) that I could maintain a vehicle.

The documentation that comes with the Scion repeats the service information in several places and even has a Service Required light that starts warning you of a needed oil change every 4500 miles by blinking when the car starts and it stays solid at 5000 miles since it was last reset.

Nothing as well thought out as a true OLM, but a nice reminder for what was to be the target market for Scion, the late teen early 20 something first time new car buyer.
Because they are probably afraid of scaring people away. A lot of people don't even know a car needs maintenance. They might start thinking it's unreliable if they hear about that stuff.
The salesperson that I bought my Subaru from was very thorough about the maintenance since I pointed out that I would do most if not all of my own.
My last vehicle purchase went much like michaelc80 described. I was first told of how great the dealer was. I replied that I would likely do it myself. I was then bombarded with maintenance info that seemed to never stop. It seemed as though they were trying to scare me into using their service.
I actually had a Honda salesman tell me the oil was good for 10K (the normal interval)

Then got a postcard in the mail warning me that my entire area was considered 'severe service' haha.
Reminds me of when I went to the Acura dealer for my first peek at the new 1999 TL. I had the hood open on the one inside the showroom looking for the oil filter. Doofus comes up and says "The hardware is all brass and copper." I collected myself and asked him who told him to say that. He said he could tell by looking. He since worked his way up to the financing dept...
Salespersons don't usually know much about what's under the hood. The answer I received about where the fuses were and if the car had a full size spare, was not to bother, that's what roadside service if for.

People are getting smarter about service and do ask what the cost of the 30k and 60k services are. I remember, my 96 Volvo had it's timing belt service at 70k and I wondered if that was to make the 60k service cheaper, for those that shop such details.
Yeah, I'm with LarryL on that one. I knew more about our new 06 Accord than the sales guy. He didn't even know that if you push the unlock button twice, then hold it down, all the windows will roll down. Wisely, he didn't even go into maintenance item. I would think it would be on a case by case basis and up to the dealer.

However, I have yet to be instructed by the salesman on service intervals when going thru the delivery process.

It is all there, for anyone that wants to read it, in the book(s) in the glove box. Do people really want the salesman to tell them how often the air pressure needs to be checked in the tires and that the door hinges need to be lubricated every 30k miles with grease that meets x^*(! manufacturers spec? For the people that don't want to read the book(s), you will get a card in the mail telling you that the first "service" is due.
This thread reminds me of that BMW TV commercial, in which the Bimmer schedules a service appointment all by itself. The owner only finds out when he gets a phone call about an apointment from the BMW service department while driving. What a nightmare. I don't want a car that does things behind my back!
It was a rhetorical of sorts. I do my own maintenance and read the manual from cover to cover. But, I believe the question is relevant. Something so important for the life of the car and ultimately the satisfaction of the owner should at a minimum be highlighted during deliver.

My $.02
The Honda Guy at Lynnweed Honda was amazingly thorough, relatively speaking. He told us 3500 miles for very first interval, because "it's a V6" (I didn't argue
) - but then he said "follow the OLM" after that....hey at least he brought up the subject!
The last new car i bought (2001 Mazda 626) the salesman went over everything and told me to change the oil every 5K miles. They gave me my first oil change free. When i came in with only 1000 on it to use my free oil change, the service guy just grinned and said "I like changing the factory oil out early too".

The last time i was in for some warrenty work on the sway bar bushings, the service guy mentioned that "My car and engine sure are clean for 50K miles"....I just grinned
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