why has mobil 1 increased in price so much?

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Dec 28, 2003
Did you perhaps buy the Mobil 1 Extended Protection (EP)?? It wasn't available last year and does cost somewhat more.
The feedstock is natural gas and/or gas molecules derived from oil and competes with natural gas. Right now, natural gas is also at an all time market high.
Have you checked the price of oil lately? And any other chemicals, particularly those basically derived from oil?

AMSOIL got a bump in Mar or Apr, and will get another bump in Oct.

Regular name-brand non-synthetic oil seems to be running right close to $2 per qt now, unless there is some sale going on.
Do you live in a cave?
Oil is at an all time high.
The biggest reason the price of finished oil is going up is because the chemical companies that make the additives prices have more the trilped in the past 12 months.
In the case of M1 EP (if this is the item in question) I believe the "new" part of it was to justify an increase in "standard" pricing. The competition has caught up to M1 in most offerings and they were probably losing market share. So they created a new "distinctive" product with a more premium price. I doubt that the end user price reflects the difference in formulation. It's to the tune of about 30% and I have a hard time believing that this is the amount of cost difference over standard M1.

I agree about "across the board" increases in price.
Canadians get seriously ripped off on Mobil-1, especially considering the strength of the Canadian dollar.

Why don't you go with the 'other' Esso/Imperial Oil-distributed synth oil -- Esso XD-3 0W30/0W40? Should still save you 50%, and its arguably a better oil than M1.
I didn't know the base stock of Mobil 1 was derived from natural gas - thanks for the info, k1xv.

I learned from a friend on the board this afternoon that Mobil 1 can still be had for sub-$30 in the Toronto area, which is a much bigger urban centre than the one I live in. It's possible that my local market is an uncompetitive oligopoly which accounts for the higher price.

I considered using Esso XD-3 but I've been using Mobil 1 forever and Terry Dyson recommends sticking with the same oil to establish trends.

How about those gas prices, eh? All the gas stations in town had to erect new signs now that gas is over a dollar a litre.
Last year, I can remember buying a 4 litre jug of Mobil 1 5W30 for about CAN$27.00. I just bought a 4.4 litre jug for CAN$38.00 at the local walmart. I thought there was no dino oil in Mobil 1 at all, so I'm wondering why the price spike? Has the price gone up that much in the US too?

Why don't you go with the 'other' Esso/Imperial Oil-distributed synth oil -- Esso XD-3 0W30/0W40? Should still save you 50%, and its arguably a better oil than M1.

I agree. Between the two weights ..this is a screaming deal compared to M1. I really wish we had it here at the prices you can get it for. I could manage just about any application between the two of them. The fact that they're HDEO is a bonus.
I just picked up a couple 5 litre jugs of Synpower at Walmart. Mobil 1 is too rich for me.

Price was comparable to XD3 and besides the top dog, Mobil 1, it was the only other SM rated oil on the shelf !
Petrocan and Shell here in Canada will be anouncing a big price increase on petroleum products first of September.
Barrel of oil over $65.00. yup makes scense.
Not only is the price of the raw materials up, but the price of transportation and other overhead items has increased with the price of crude. The pump is not the only place you pay more when fuel prices increase.
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