Why does M1 raise engine noise levels on certain engines? vs Redline?

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
intersting...M1 would be louder on my 3800...then i changed to dino for my Auto-RX treatment only. Both the Chevron Delo 15W40, and Quaker State 5W30 have made lowered the noise quite a bit. Not that it was ever unbearable or damaging...just a quiet humm again. Does Redline suffer M1's weakness in this case? That is what i may change to soon.
I know that Red Line's friction modifying additive in their "street oil" quieted down my F150s piston slap for about 4500 miles each time I changed the oil. Red Line as far as I know, has the lowest friction co-efficient available.
I have a 3800 too, and noticed that M1 10w30 make the engine seem noisier and thrashier. Amsoil seemed better, but since I started running Schaeffer's, it's even quieter still.
3800s arent a smooth engine to begin with. They seem like they wanna loose a few conrods over 4000rpms... Nevertheless, I think its the moly in Redline that makes it quieter. The Torco MPZ quitenened down a friends engine markedly, and it hhas a truckload of moly in it.. [ January 13, 2004, 05:04 AM: Message edited by: Leo ]
The SS also has moly...and other oils don't have any moly and they're still quieter than M-1. It's the addative package...not just one element or component you can readily see on a VOA/UOA.
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