Why do I keep this junk around?

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Feb 26, 2005
Kansas, USA
Attempting to install Mint 12 64 on this older AMD dual core 4400 we have. So far I've found that I have 3 cd/dvd drives and 2 hard drives no good, both are WD's 60GB and 8GB might be rethinking WD drives. Also have a 500MB, 1.2GB, and 2GB hard drives that I'll probably never use. Computer wise there's a Cyrix 160 MHz, AMD 1.2 and 1.3 GHz, Apple G3 and Compaq AMD Duron laptop that I haven't used in the years. The 1.2GHz has a issues with the motherboard at random times not sure on the 1.3GHz and the Cyrix runs perfect, the Apple slow but works the Compaq is dead. I'm thinking it's time to clean house... hate to throw any electronic out! Am I the only one?
Yes...Fortunately, I live close to a recycling center. What they cannot sell on Ebay gets ground to smotherines in some fancy machine that separates things. They are very happy to take any electronics.
I had some really good stuff I took to a place last year that promised in its ad to repurpose then recycle equipment. They put it straight into an outdoor bin, in a light rain. Obvious it was not going to be reused. Then, I got laid off. As time went on I pushed myself to get certified in something I've been doing for 14 years, thinking that would help me land a job 80 miles away. I could have used that equipment to work through studying for the cert. Virtualization wasn't much use for the cert (in Solaris), as a lot of the studying covered in detail the boot process, different disk failure and recovery methods, partitioning, serial ports, etc., plus, it covered a lot of both SPARC and x64 platforms. That said, you always remember the stuff you throw away you needed 3 weeks later. You don't remember the stuff you throw away you didn't need again. A few weeks ago I really had a need for a cool, $300 d-sub crimp tool I bought at surplus for $5 in the late '90s. I was positive I'd never need that again, so donated it a few years ago.
Looked into the recycling center a few times I think they charge. Been a while need to look at it again. That's what I'm afraid of "spackard" getting rid of it and then needing it. I think I'll turn the cyrix box into a router to replace the linksys router.
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