why did Drive Clean get dark?

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May 30, 2002
I changed both my vehicles oils the same time. I put Pennzoil 5w-30 in my Jeep 4.0, and Mobil drive clean 5w-30 in my Nissan. They both have about 1500 miles on the oil. The DC is really dark, almost red color. The Pennzoil is still clear. Does this mean the DC cleans better?
The Jeep is dirtier inside from what i can see. The Nissan is spotless inside. I was thinking of putting DC in the Jeep to clean it up. But it sound inferior to Pennzoil. It's not called Drive Clean because it cleans better??
I can not answere your question as asked. I would like to point out though that in my opion Mobil Drive Clean is not a very good oil especialy in the price range it competes in! DC is the only oil that I have tried in both a Toyota and a Dodge that were conesumed at an alarming rate. Both the Toyota and Dodge never consumed any oil prior to DC and when I drained the DC out and replaced the oil with M1 niether one ever burnt oil again. THe Dodge was a 2001 Dakota 4.7V8 and the Toyota was a 1986 4Runner with 22RE I4 engine. I swaped the Dodge oil out within 1500 mile. The Toyota on the other hand recived the rest of the DC throught the OCI. It was burning 1-2 quarts a week. Once I used up the last of the Dc I had purchased I flushed the Toyota and put M1 back in and it did not burn more then 1/2 quart over 9000-10000 mile change interval. I had bought the drive clean because it was on sale at Sam's club. I figured I could save a few bucks buy useing it in my old truck. I also figured it would work ok in the wifes Dakota. I hope you have better luck then I had with it. P.S. Pensoil Long Life and Chevron Supreme are cheaper and in my opion better oils then Mobil Drive CLean!
I put together a performance comparison spreadsheet and the drive clean is inferior to my lowly SuperTech in quite a few performance indicators. It does "drive clean" however. Somewhere back here someone posted that it still had a fair amount of group I stock in it and that group I is a natural cleaner. Think that point may have been argued with when I posted it later, but IMHO Mobil has a fair amount of detergency by what ever reason but the performance factors. Don't know how this will translate when I post it. Last number is drive clean. Notice the very low flash point, 38 degrees less than the SuperTech. 10W30 New ST Mobil Visc. 40c 71.0 70.0 Visc 100c 10.9 10.4 Visc. Indx 143 134 Flash-F 430 392 Pour-F -34 -33 Low Pumping-C -25 x
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