WHY can we NOT take care of our veterans.

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Oct 10, 2017
Northeastern Vermont
First I want to thank The veterans here on bitog for your service. The greatest country on the face of the earth that has no equal seems to drop the ball when it comes to our veterans. A friend of mine who's father is a WORLD WAR 2 VET who last Monday told his son he was not feeling that good. So they went to the VA and was told they could not see him for a week. Two days later he is now on life support for sepsis. A WORLD WAR 2 VETERAN on life support because he had to WAIT. I have a solution for this problem. Any veteran should be able to walk into ANY doctor or ANY hospital (not just the VA) with any issue and be looked at and checked out like right [censored] now.They have earned it. We seem as a country to want to help others outside our boarders, but seem to have trouble taking care of the people that DEFEND our country I cannot believe this happens in our country
Terribly expensive to give free lifetime care to all who served. I served 2 years in 1966-68. One year in Vietnam, and LIFETIME free medical care WAS NOT included in the terms of my service. I don't expect the govt to care for me now fifty years later. I served my country. I was taken care of then, and paid for my time. You do 20 years in uniform and retire, sure you have earned it. Service connected injury, yep..care for life for that condition. You spent 180 days in uniform as cook in a stateside base fifty years ago and you expect lifetime free medical care? Really?
I agree with what you said. I am a Vietnam vet, but I am old enough that I just use medicare, and don't fool around with the VA
My brother is a Navy vet and works at the VA. Avoid the VA as its the very last healthcare option for any veteran. If the guy was feeling bad then the closest Emergency Room would have easily done lab work and for blood and urine to diagnosis an infection.
It takes money we are unwilling to spend. When fighting they are a asset. When injured or old they are considered liabilities. Sad.
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There's a reason my Korean War Veteran father has private insurance. We tried the VA as a possible cost saving measure for him this year. It took 2 1/2 months to get an appointment. Then that appointment took most of the day, and we found the VA has co-pay's just like private insurance. In short, we couldn't see any advantage to going with the VA.
There isn't any health care where you can walk in and see a normal doctor immediately whenever you want. Except if you are very rich and have a private doctor. You go to the emergency room. A lot of people complain of not feeling well, wait for an appointment , usually longer than a week, and end up in the hospital soon after. I can't make any sense of your outrage.
Citizens usually don't contribute to the safety and security of this nation as military members do. Some do auxiliary but our vets but life on hold to defend this great republic. My dad did as a Corps man and we owe them a debt.
The way I understood it.. and bear in mind I retired almost 5 years ago.. is that military retirees can use Tricare prime or standard until age 65 and then we are booted out of tricare and put on medicare/medicade. I just turned 58 so in 7 years no more tricare. I am 100% disabled vet so can use VA for health care if I wish or I could use either medicare VA or both at age 65. My brother is also retired and he uses veterans choice program so he can use any civilian doctor, but he lives more than 50 miles from a VA clinic or hospital so that applies to him he lives a good 80 miles west of Fargo ND. i have had pretty good care at both Lincoln and Omaha VA hospitals. Granted there is lots of turnover with dr's as many work there for a year or 2 get their medical school loans paid off and then go into private practice. Been treated well by VA for the most part.
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Why does it have to be veterans? Why not any citizen?
IF you take a regular citizen who is willing to risk their life for the nation, above themselves, then, sure, those citizens deserve it. We just happen to call those particular citizens veterans.
There is talk of opening up the VA benefits so the veterans can go to any doctor or hospital. I hope this goes through. Our veterans deserve this.
Goodtimes my outrage is the VA who is suppose to be there for a Vet. But they told him he would have to wait a week to see a doctor. Yes he should have gone to the ER like his son wanted him to do. But he's a Vet and thought he was doing the right thing. Guys I never mentioned money or cost. Should VET'S pay/not pay that's another topic.
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I think that a lot of f it boils down to the fact that #44 didn't care about vets at all. He cut spending to many things that affect them.
Such as? Certainly not VA spending. That went up massively between 2008 and 2016. https://www.va.gov/budget/products.asp
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