Why bother to finish the GC test?

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May 5, 2003
Southern DE
I just got back from GC hunting. Only '05' stuff available. We all know it's different than the previous batches, so why even bother finishing the GC test. Isn't it a moot issue at this point if we can't get any more of it? I know I was only a small contributor, but maybe we should just use whatever $$$ are left and start testing the 05?
There is plenty of the older stuff still available. I picked up a few quarts of it the other day. In addition, there are some members such as myself and others who have stockpiled this oil. There are some who have from 15-100 quarts of it in their strategic reserves.
My first GC 0-30 purchase after reading this forum. Stopped at the local AZ, presented PepBoys coupon, and got two boxes of Batch 04 stuff ( which is distributed from NJ where I live ) for 4$/qrt. Not bad, huh?
I have about 35 qts as well, and I'll use them regardless of what the test results are. It just seems pointless to test how good the green GC "WAS".

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I think the test will be very informative, plus now that we've got the new gold stuff out, we should get it broken down as well, so we can know if it's built as good as the green stuff.

Besides, many of us have a 2 or 3 year supply of it, so even if the oil is not going to be on the shelves much longer, it'll still be in our engines for a while.
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