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Nov 16, 2002
are these numbers not true? We now have the independent lab test data for the new Mobil SuperSyn vs. AMSOIL. The SuperSyn does not compare to AMSOIL's extended drain interval 25,000 mile/1-year oil or 35,000 mile/1-year oil (0W-30). The test data is as follows for AMSOIL 5W-30 vs. Mobil SuperSyn 5W-30: NOACK Volatility: AMSOIL: 4.90%, SuperSyn: 9.17% Flash Point: AMSOIL: 446 deg. F., SuperSyn: 435 deg. F. Fire Point: AMSOIL: 471 deg. F., SuperSyn: 455 deg. F. Pour Point: AMSOIL: - 60 deg. F, SuperSyn: -54 deg. F 4-Ball Wear Test: AMSOIL 0.40 mm, SuperSyn: 0.60 mm TBN (Total Base No.): AMSOIL 12.35, SuperSyn 8.45
Buster, Bench data can only tell you so much ...used oil analysis is a much better method for determining the performance of used oils in actual service. The one thing in this comparison that is significant is the difference in volatility. All things being equal, that will result in lower oil consumption. The TBN is only an issue if you are looking to run drain intervals > 7500 miles .... Both of these are fine products, so we should probably get off this oil A vs oil M mode. I tend to get more than a bit carryed away myself at times. Pick either of these and you will do just fine .... TS
The Flash , pour point and TBN do not reflect a Mobil Supersyn oil in current production if that answers your question yet was pulled from somewhere and posted in another thread leading others to believe this to be representitive data of the current Mobil oil in which is not true,,, Buster, please read the topic post of this thread and follow all the way to my post on the second page,,might give you an idea whats happening if you read the posts inbetween as well http://theoildrop.server101.com/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=1;t=000748 [ November 19, 2002, 07:03 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
Yeah your right, we get carried away with this debate. Both oils are top notch. I read the post above and it help answer allot of questions. thanks!
buster Several months ago M1 Supersyn was generally regarded here as 'a joke' and even rumoured that it was a Group III basestock. Many stocked up on Trisyn. Then the Supersyn analysis results started to trickle in. Not a joke any longer. It taught me a big big lesson. Wait until multiple analysis results are posted for many different types of engines, driving styles and weather conditions. Then decide what works and what really is 'a joke'.
Buster, those test results do not mean anything! What is more meaningful would be the tests that are signnificant for what really goes on inside an engine. How about comparisons for the low temp pumping limit? Pour point means little, and who cares about a 3°C difference? How about comparisons for shear stability and HT/HS shear rate? That's viscosity at high temp/high shear rate. How about comparisons for high temp deposits for ring sticking and oil thickening? Four ball means nothing relative to what happens inside an engine. Flash & Fire?...both fine. The difference is meaningless. TBN?...Seems low for M1, but what's the point? We're not talking about high sulfur fuels, so both are OK. NOACK?...again, what's the point? Both exceed the API service category SL spec of 15%. Amsoil gets tiresome with the way they over emphasize their half-truths. Ken
Ken, I agree to a certain extent that these numbers are not the end all be all, but we do need to have benchmarks. I uderstand the minor differences between these oils, but the numbers absolutely mean SOMETHING. Hey, altleast Amsoil does compare itself to others! Bottom line is that they are both great and very little do they differ. Amsoil is doesnt lie. [ November 20, 2002, 05:31 PM: Message edited by: buster ]
Buster it seems you have missed something here, now once again they used data that DOES NOT EXIST for current Mobil Supersyn to compare to their oil.I pointed you to a thread started by another member that imo should have known that data was not correct and it should never have been posted imo because I have seen that member post a remark about the TBN of 11 in a used analysis thread showing at least to me he knew prior . Now you can if you want go to the Mobil site and find that the flash is higher, the pour point is lower and in the used analysis section you will see 5-7500 mile runs on used oil that have a higher TBN than what was remarked on below and that shows the current Mobil oil that was obviously tweeked,,NOT the oil that was tested against the Amsoil. The new pour point of -49F,the flash of 455 and a TBN of 11 is what is representive on the Mobil Supersyn currently available in the 30wts.Also more performance in the oil than simply those numbers alone. Also you yourself posted a link to another forum,,there sure was alot of data listed as N/A there was it not ? Are you getting the message now? Many of us are privey to these in our opinions tactics they use and part of the reason for this board is to discuss all issues about oils in general and post our opinions. Let em keep posting this stuff,it will be rebutted every time if not correct,guarantee. They probably make a good oil,,it's the rest of the BS that sours the milk for me,,, but do not think all Amsoil saleman are alike,they are not. I am not saying their oil is junk either,I am saying that imo they do not lay all the cards on the table when they put out this crap type bench test against a oil formulation that DOES NOT EXIST and it seems to me that since most don't know much about oils imo they use weaker things that is not signifigant like the 4 ball test to make the numbers look better.I cannot be any plainer than that. Glad to have you on the forum hope you can see mine and others points throughout all your various posts about Amsoil :)You bought yourself a good oil so throw it into your motor and use it,,if you don't like the price vs performance you can always change brands after it is used up [ November 20, 2002, 07:28 PM: Message edited by: dragboat ]
Thanks, I do agree with what you said. I read your other post and it was informative. I'm not an expert on oil, that is for sure. I'm surprised they didnt compare it to the latest"tweeked" formulation. I do believe though, they will do it again if they have to. Amsoil is in the position to have to compare themselves or distinguish themselves as better or different, otherwise they would be out of business. I really think Mobil 1 is as good an oil as you can find off the shelf. I'm sure it compares just as well to most of the Amsoil line. But I really would like to see the Series 2000 0w-30 go head to head with Mobil's 0w-30. The new Amsoil series 2000 is there top of the line oil. I see your point to these benchmark tests. The results we, the consumers find ultimately matter the most and apparently they differ from the corporations numbers. (not surprised). Advice taken. Most likely, after I run through this batch of 0w-30, I'll go back to Mobil 1. Cheaper and easier to buy. But what I have now, doesnt get much better!
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