Who's your favorite YT gearhead personality???

Jun 12, 2004
Athens, GA
South Main Auto - Eric - To remind me why I'm glad I don't live in the salt belt
Watch Wes Work - Wes - Same as above
Vice Grip Garage - Derek - Just like watching the things he gets to do and how he still appears to stay humble
KSR Performance & Fabrication - Kevin - Builds and races fast cars, both drag and road racing

Those 4 stay at the top of my auto content as fas as personalities.

Now, I'm going to make a recommendation for ANYONE into cars.

Subscribe to Hagerty's Youtube channel. Some of their content is 'ehh' to me, but they are producing some REALLY cool stuff across the board.



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Oct 6, 2020
Nobody inspired me like Samcrac. He's crossed from just a auto YouTuber to a legend.

Hint: WATCH the video.
Apr 8, 2006
Birmingham, AL
Whistlin' Diesel. :LOL:

It's definitely entertaining, and a lot of what he tears up is already modified and not any kind of pristine collectible or truly unreplaceable example of something. It is kind of grotesque consumerism or something though. Like the G-Wagon he dropped on a house cost more than my house and all my cars, but I was entertained. It's definitely one of the more interesting channels.

Vice Grip Garage has some good videos, though the campy talk can be a bit much..."a guy could do this, or a guy could do that, or maybe skedattle to the ol O'Reilly's there."

I like when rednecks try to make a Vice Grip Garage style video with something in their back yard.