Who wants to start a biodiesel (blend) company with me?

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Oct 28, 2002
Everson WA - Pacific NW USA
Yeah I know from soybeans it makes no sense. All the Cantonese fry oil is spoken for by the hippies. Here's my idea: Cheapest bulk wholesale regular petro diesel (25-73%) Biodiesel derived from whatever tree and seed nuts/squished fat rednecks and hippies/chimichanga fry oil (25-73%) Used (filtered) motor oil (1-5%) Power and anti-gel additives (<1%) Charge eco-premium price. Employ cheap labor from BiTOG oil head labor pool. Who's in? Any cash sponsors?
You know I would dream to do one of them. I was reading "Home Power" Magazine and they taught you how to make your own reactor. The main thing you need is a Water heater.. couple of ball valves, pump hoses etc.... oh yeah you need used frying oil from fast food restaurants.
Pablo, great minds think alike. Austin is loaded with Ecofreaks. [Big Grin] Consider opening a branch here and I'm in.
Pablo, if you have access to liposuction clinics, then consider me an investor. Prollem is that the "standards" (regardless of country) appear to be based around virgin oils that are available in those countries. I assume that liposuction clinincs could count as virgin fats...lets roll !!
Originally posted by Shannow: ...if you have access to liposuction clinics...
Hey! Maybe we can get Brad Pitt and Ed Norton to invest? Fight Club® biodiesel fuel?
First you would have to bribe a politican er I mean lobby to make a law requiring 10% added to regular feul then we can talk .
Cool idea Pablo. I'm in. Anything I can contribute too just send me a PM or shoot over an email. Thanks,,,,AR
GM everybody already lined up for that stuff in my nape of the neck of the woods. Gotta get the fat wife to cook more fry bread, tater's, salmon and chips, bigneits, and turkeys for the fat man (me).....just think eat enough deep fry to run the car!
Groucho...switch to the U.K., where vegetable (edible oil) got below the cost of diesel. People filled up at the supermarket.
"squished fat rednecks" Hey, I resemble that remark! I really like the idea of bio diesel. One issue with diesel power is the current EPA requirement for Low oxides of nitrogen. Today, we use EGR to lower combustion temperatures, which results in lower oxides of nitrogen. To me, this means the diesel market is not going to grow from it's current level. Chris
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