Who uses dino and still gets really clean engine internals?

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Jul 13, 2003
I'm talking about over the long haul. Some of the examples I've seen were: My cousins Dave 94 Camry with 150k.3k OCI's with Penzoil and Frams.Very clean under the valve cover with a light yellow tinge on the metal.No consumption. I lot of my old mans cars were pretty clean with nothing but dino changes. My boss's 4.3L S10,10W30 OCI's and reallt clean.Close to 150K. What are your experiences?
Never had a problem unless the oil was over-extended. In general a HDEO tends to keep a engine cleaner than a PCMO. Current Conventional or Blends in my fleet are: 1. Motorcraft 5W20 Group II/III Blend Ford 2.0L Zetec 4cyl 6 month OCI (Low Miles) 2. Motorcraft 5W-30 (May be Group II/III blend according to back of bottle). GM 2.2L OHV 4cyl 5000 mi OCI 3. Havoline 10W-30 GM 3800 6 month OCI (4,000-4,500 mi) 4. Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40 To numerous to mention.. Gas and Diesel OCI from 1 year (9,000 mi) to 2 month (30,000 mi) Gene
I use HDEO's in all of my vehicles. I'll tell you that they are all absolutely spotless in the inside. Even my Mercury Villager that has 105,000 mostly city driving miles. Wayne
I only really use Penrite oils now, and both their semi synth and basic dino oils seem to have plenty of cleaning agents in them, all the engines I have run on them have stayed clean, and the ones that were a little dirty cleaned up a bit after a few changes. I think most of the good oils makers now use good additive packages even in their dino based oils.
1978 Toyota pick-em-up. 20R engine with mostly in-town driving for its 1st 110,000 miles. Castrol 10W-40 dino oil. No sludge, no build-ups, engine was squeeky clean. 3,000 to 5,000 mile OCI.
Add me to the list of spotless or thereabouts. On my Tacoma 1997 (someplace posted the miles when I say it last... SPOTLESS with the exception of a few areas in the corners inside the PVC hole... and you had to look but there was a tad of varnish there.... but the internals were super clean.
This picture is of the front head of my old '94 Taurus SHO at 150k miles. I bought it at 131k and used Castrol GTX since day 1. It had Pennzoil in when I bought it but I have no idea what was used before that. So it had dino for at least 20k miles before this pic. 3k intervals. This car was driven HARD.  - Only some varnish. Absolutly no sludge. This engine also burned a quart every 800. For comparison, my ATX SHO I recently bought has a much dirtier engine and burns a quart every 3500.
95 accord 120K+ miles, not sure if it burns oil (haven't had to add any), valve cover is as clean as the day it was made. well not really, i think there is a slight yellow coating on some parts, but nothing noticable. dino oil has kept my engine clean. it also does not leak anything.
'91 Lincoln I used to have, my dad bought it new. Nothing but 5w-30 Valvoline All-Climate and a Motorcraft filter every 3000. Needed a head gasket at 120k, it was still clean as a whistle inside.
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