Who shines their shoes?

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Mar 14, 2003
As a former military member, I try by best to keep my dress shoes polished for work. The majority of commuters I run into in NYC would fail a military inspection in a convincing fashion based on the condition of their shoes. I'm curious about the shoe shine habits of other BITOGERS.
Well...as you might imagine...my dress shoes are highly polished...even my work boots are maintained...though not to the same degree...
My steel cap work boots are always polished with Parade Gloss, even if they are generally trapseing through coal, ash, and turbine oil... even managed to polish a black suede pair when the fuss wore off.
Oh, and my 8yo daughter will not attend a school presentation unless we polish all the scuffs out of her shoes...by her own choice.
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kind hard to polish Nikes.
indeed. I'm in the same boat there...only I wear Converse...as noted: kind of hard to polish them :P I do spot clean them about once a month though! I've learned a long time ago to not put tennis shoes in the wash/dryer, they just never fit the same :P
I shine my RedWing shoes and my Brooks Brothers oxfords. I occasionally shine up the loafers too just to darken them a bit.
I gave up on OCD shoe polishing when I got out of the Army. I only have one pair of shoes that requires shoe polish and I wear them so infrequently, they just need to be dusted off when I break them out for the occasional wedding.
My shoes are always clean and shiny. My pants and shirts are always pressed and crisp. It's part of the image. Gotta have your gimmick to stand out, in a positive way.
The shoes I have that can be shined almost never get worn, so I don't bother shining them. Everything else gets pressure washed if it gets real nasty.
I made the decision a long time ago that life was too short to waste time doing certain things; shining shoes or wearing a suit & tie were toward the top of the list. It's been 40+ years since I've owned a pair of shoes that might need to be shined, and I never will again. But then I've never paid attention to other peoples shoes, and couldn't care less if their footwear would pass a military inspection.
my work boots get the mirrors dusted about once a week, unless some knuckle-dragger steps on em, I get a lil red in the face when that happens..
Haven't really sat down and shined a pair of shoes since I got out of service. Otherwise I just hit them with a soft cloth. In my case though shined shoes just don't get much use anyway.
We just buy new shoes, nowadays. There used to be 10,000 shoe repair shops in the Chicago area, but now only a handful. BTW, when you got them back, they were polished! I have been polishing/protecting/maintaining shoes since I was 4.
Because shoes were a big thing back then(cost sometimes) and the fit/finish much better. I'm not that old compared to you guys(30) but I had a pair of shoes last me 9 years(yes size 12 all the same) and they finally bit the dust 2 years ago. Heel came off as I was walking around at work. Best pair of shoes i had, and unfortunately couldn't find anyone to repair them for a fair cost let alone nearby. I drove some 25 miles to a guy who wanted to see the problem and I coulda bought a cheapie throwaway pair for that cost. That's basically what I've been doing. Every 6-8 months my shoes get tossed(rubber wears unevengly, shoes get killed due to the salt in winter etc). I shine them occassionally but not really worth it.
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